Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Random Kris Allen Videos On People.com

Watching some celeb videos on People.com and came across some videos with Kris Allen on it. The first video is on Just Say Anything, where stars just sound off on stuff. Kris talks about the language barrier in ordering soda in the south vs. the north. I watched this video like 5 times, and I have no idea ... It really must be a Southern thing. If you say you want a Coke, that might not necessarily mean you want a Coke, but you might want a Sprite? WUT?

In the other video, One Question, Kris answers who his celebrity crush is. And no, it's not Adam Lambert (although lord knows what he would have said if Adam had been sitting next to him for the interview!). His celebrity crush is Shakira. And in more LOL-worthy answers, Jessica Szohr from Gossip Girl says Ferris Bueller, Jesse James says Gloria Steinem, Bob Saget says Verne Troyer, and Vivica A. Fox reveals that she's a cougar who's crushing on someone under 21.

And a not-so-random video of Kris is on his official website - KrisAllenOfficial.com. It's a behind-the-scenes video at GMA last Friday. There's a bonus David Cook cameo. Kris calls Cook the American Idol early in the clip. LOL. Actually, that would be you, Kris!

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