Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mustache Madness

Matt Giraud got some fake mustaches Friday in Hamilton, which led to another entertaining BubbleTweet from him and Anoop Desai, as well as this hysterical photo with the other guys wearing mustaches. Matt seems to be wearing his upside down, thus looking a little Hitler-esque. Kris Allen looks French. Danny Gokey looks like a cartoon villain. Michael Sarver's is somewhat believable, and Anoop looks like a professor.

In the BubbleTweet (while Anoop's mustache was falling off), Matt told a funny story about testing the disguise by going into the audience before the show. A woman asked him to send Adam Lambert out, and he told her he didn't know who that was. - "I'm just a man out here waiting."

Also check out this Tweet from Anoop after his set:

Haha so there was a DOOD in front of where I normally do the "spreadin myself around" part on stage. Spread it around anyway. Sorry, bro.