Friday, August 14, 2009

More Jim Cantiello Interview Clips With BFF Kris Allen

There ought to be a law that any and all interviews Kris Allen does be with MTV's Jim Cantiello (@jambajim - go follow him on Twitter!). Jim, who does the hysterically funny American Idol in 60 Seconds on MTV, brings out the best in Kris, whose majority of funny/snarky interview moments seem to have come while talking with Jim. And between the two of them, you get some great faces. There really is a whole lot of adorable in these two can't-miss videos. And I kind of worship both of them (in a non-stalker-y way, of course. No tongues would be shoved in either of their throats ... "and elsewhere". LOL so much at that).

And don't miss the accompanying articles:

Kris Allen On Paula Abdul, Danny Gokey And Sex Toys: The Outtakes!

American Idol Kris Allen Answers Fans' Burning Questions

No misleading headlines this time. They really did talk about Danny Gokey and sex toys in the same interview. And also huge props to Jim for giving Michael Sarver credit for the Twitter parties -
Adam Lambert also gained headlines this week when he held a "Twitter Party" after falling too ill to attend meet and greets at a recent tour stop. During the "party," Lambert spent an hour replying to as many Twitter followers as possible. (The singer was likely inspired by "Idol" co-star Michael Sarver, who has been holding similar Twitter Parties throughout the American Idols Live! Tour.)

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