Sunday, August 16, 2009

More Bromances On Idol Tour

Oh that Kris Allen. He sure gets around! There are all kinds of infamous Kradam moments ("I like the top", "Beep beep beep"), but after today, Kradam took a backseat to a little Kranoop and Kratt action.

First, Kris and Anoop Desai had this little exchange on Twitter:

Kris: @AnoopDoggDesai smells bad. I still live him though.

Anoop: @KrisAllen4Real didn't mention that I was working out. Talk about fame going to someone's head. Sorry to offend the winner's airspace. Haha

Kris: Not Dang iPhone.

Anoop: But I appreciate him 'living' me. It's a lifestyle choice that he's chosen to make. He's a great Desai'ple.

Kris: You're right @AnoopDoggDesai. I shouldn't have said that...or maybe I should have gone into detail.

Kris: I am the #1 Desai'ple.

Anoop: And of course I'm a devout Kristian

And soon after the Kranoop happened, we got some Kratt action with a Matt Giraud BubbleTweet. Matt talks in French and then talks about wearing man makeup before bringing Kris into the picture. Kris says he doesn't wear makeup, and Matt and someone else calls him a liar, and then Kris yells out of picture that he does wear makeup. Matt then says "He's so dreamy. He can't be that dreamy without some concealer". Well, he actually can, but that's beside the point. ;)

Kranoop-Kratt-Kradam showdown on the tour bus tonight. Look out.

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