Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kris Allen On Cover Of Front Porch Magazine

Kris Allen has a cover story in Arkansas' Front Porch Magazine. You can download a PDF of the magazine HERE or read the text of the article HERE.

Ignore the factual errors in the article. For example, Katy Allen is not 2 years Kris' senior. She's younger than him! Nor did 624 million votes come in from around the world (LOL WUT?!)

In the PDF, on page 24, there is another article with Kim Allen's recipes for two of Kris' favorite dishes - chicken spaghetti and dump cake. Dump cake sounds ... interesting. Check out the ingredients: white cake mix, crushed pineapples, strawberry pie filling, walnuts and butter. I assume it's called dump cake because you just dump the cake mix over the pie filling and pineapples without mixing it?

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