Thursday, August 06, 2009

Kris Allen Album - All New Material?

In an interview with the Press of Atlantic City, Kris Allen talked about his upcoming album, and it appears as if it's going to contain all new material. Bye bye 4-eva "No Boundaries"! And that "Heartless" single rumor is looking more and more like just that - a rumor.

Kris said about the album, "I'm pretty sure we can get out enough stuff so that 100 percent is not from the show. I've done a lot of writing sessions - it's going really well. We're getting into the swing of things and pumping out some songs. I think the sound will be pop-rock and definitely will have an organic vibe, as well."

When asked what kind of career he is envisioning, Kris said it would be great to have something like John Mayer, "who's been through three different phases of his career - he did the acoustic pop thing and everyone loved that. Then he came out with the trio thing and everyone loved that. And then he came out with the bluesy album - someone like him, who I feel his music has gotten better throughout his time in the music industry."

Kris also answered questions about his friendship with Adam Lambert. When asked if he saw their friendship as an unlikely bond, Kris replied, "I don't see why it would be unlikely. I think we're all people. Just because he doesn't believe in what I believe in doesn't make us not alike. We've become really good friends - people are people. We're going to be friends, no matter what." He also noted that one of his best experiences on Idol was "singing with Adam when Brian May (from Queen) was playing guitar. That was one of my favorite moments. Singing ('We Are the Champions') up there with your friend and a legend - that was pretty cool."

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