Sunday, August 09, 2009

Kradison Photo Shoot For Elle Magazine

Kris Allen, Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta had a photo shoot for Elle Magazine today. Elle creative director Joe Zee tweeted this photo of Adam "doing MAJOR", as well as a photo of some remnants of Allison's hair. No photographic evidence of Kris, naturally (good lord, could that boy be any MORE secretive?), but Joe Zee, Kris and Allison all tweeted that Kris had wings.

From Joe Zee:
Still shooting @adamlambert who looks MAJOR and @allison4realzzz who is turning it out. Saved wings for @krisallen4real. :)

@krisallen4real just left the photo studio to go record. So cool, so real, so smart. And Katy is so cute. Could they be more perfect?

From Kris:
Great shoot with @adamlambert & @Allison4Realzzz at Elle. Wings are fun!

From Allison:
Elle shoot with@KrisAllen4Real @Adamlambert much fun.. Kris with wings.awesome And wearing Adams boots .. Priceless

From Adam:
At photoshoot w Kris and Allison getting glammed up!!! I love New York!!!!!

Allison's tweet about Adam's boots was confusing, but I think it meant that Kris put on Adam's boots. Joe just tweeted this pic of the boots and said they weren't used. He also tweeted a pic of guitars being packed up, so I'm going to guess that Kris has a guitar in some of these shots.

I cannot wait to see the real photos! Elle did a great job with their Carrie Underwood and Season 7 Top 10 shoots last year.


Kimberwyn said...

Im soooo psyched about this! Too bad they didnt include the rest of the top 10 but honestly Im fine with it just being those 3 lol.

Water Cooler Convo said...

I actually would have liked to see Megan in this because she's gorgeous, but I understand why she's not.

And if Kris is in wings, there better be a lot of skin showing! Just sayin' ...