Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Jim Cantiello Interview With Kris Allen Is About ... Paula?

Oh I see you being sneaky, Jim Cantiello! You tease us with this Kris Allen interview on Twitter, you tell us he talks about songwriting and that it will be up Tuesday morning. And what turns up? This story about Kris being sad about Paula Abdul's departure from Idol. Oh, the humanity! You're so dragging this out, aren't you?

I should probably be shaking my fist at you through my computer right about now, but I like you, so I won't. That, and I noticed the related videos link to the right of the page that led to three more videos, so I know there will be future stories on his super-secret album, Adam's "not in the box" album and the possibilities of others getting record deals, not to mention a Kradam top joke. So it's all good in the hood.

And I will still read and post the stories when those pop up over the course of the next few days because you guys are also putting in some info there that wasn't in the videos, such as Kris' quote about who was most upset about Paula leaving: "Probably Danny [Gokey] or Matt [Giraud]. Paula loved Danny, but who doesn't love Danny?" (And is it wrong that I want to know if there was an accompanying eye roll there?)

Looking forward to the rest!

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