Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jason Castro, Michelle Branch Perform At The Grove

Jason Castro and Michelle Branch performed at a free concert at The Grove on Wednesday night. The place was PACKED. Between this concert and all the regular traffic for the Grove, it was pretty insane. I got to the Grove a little before 8, and the viewing area was completely full. So I found an open spot to the right and a little behind the performers to watch/listen.

Jason sang five songs, I think. I am not familiar with his new stuff outside of hearing a snippet of his first single, "Let's Just Fall In Love Again", which he sang near the end. My absolute favorite of the night was "It Matters To Me", which is the song he talked to Michael Slezak about in his interview on Entertainment Weekly. In the interview, Jason said this was the first time he was singing this in concert. I didn't know what to record since I didn't know his songs, but when he started singing this song, I knew it was a keeper.

I also recorded "It's Alright With Me", which has kind of a soulful sound to it. I loved when the drums came in. I thought it was kind of amusing that as the opening act he had a full band while headliner Michelle Branch did not.

I'm not sure what his first and last songs were. I liked the last one - maybe it's called "Closer"? I'm not the biggest fan of the single (I think it sounds dated), but I did like it a little bit more tonight than I did when I heard it the first time, so maybe it will grow on me.

Michelle Branch came on after Jason and did a bunch of her hits plus some new ones. I had really forgotten how many hits she had in such a short amount of time. And these songs still sound relevant. She did "Everywhere", then her new single, then my two favorites "Goodbye To You" (this song will forever remind me of "Buffy") and "Breathe", before doing "Game Of Love", "Leave The Pieces" with Ashley Monroe and "All You Wanted" all in a row. And she didn't even do "Are You Happy Now".

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