Monday, August 10, 2009

Idols Ring The Closing Bell At NASDAQ

The American Idol Top 10 was on hand to ring the closing bell at NASDAQ today, which is normally probably a fairly boring event. But trust these guys to make it oh so entertaining to watch.

You can watch the video of the event at the NASDAQ website.

Megan Joy was the appointed spokesperson of the group, and after she spoke and they took a group photo, each Idol came back to take an individual shot. And cue hijinks!

Kris Allen skipped to the podium and took this picture:

Anoop Desai took this picture:

They sent Kris back for another picture (was his first pose too Dick In A Box?), but he still was a little goofy with what I can only describe as an Archuleta-like sheepish smile. Allison Iraheta did her goofy thumbs-up face.

Then when they all came back, along with their families, for the actual closing bell, a dance party ensued (around the 8:00 mark on the video). Pay close to attention to Anoop in the back. LOL so much.

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