Thursday, August 20, 2009

Idolatry Returns With Bonus Tour Video

Michael Slezak brought back the much-beloved Idolatry for a special single-camera tour version, starring Kris Allen. Slezak managed to wrangle some names of co-writers out of Kris (Toby Gad, who co-wrote "If I Were A Boy" and "Big Girls Don't Cry", and Lindy Robbins, who has written "What's Left Of Me" and "Incomplete" Oh hell. Those songs are cheesy! Kris is not cheesy!).

But let me ignore that worrisome tidbit and get to the good stuff! Kris gets a little Mr. Sassypants when talking about critics who don't want to be reviewing the Idol concert: "I've read some of those where they say 'I don't really want to be here, but blahdee blah blah-blah.' It's so ridiculous. Why did you come then? We don't want you here. (shrug, chuckle) To be honest."

And he nearly gives Slezak a heart attack by saying "Apparently, my album is going to be called Songs in the Key of America", which is a reference to this satiric article in Movieline.

At the end of the clip, he tells Slezak that he's going to follow him on Twitter, and he gets on his iPhone to do so (and makes his "Twitter face"). Except that Kris failed in his Twitpic of Slezak and his pocket skunk Wolfgang, tagging him as @michaelslezak without the EW in front of his name. Poor Slezak remains scored as of now. Hopefully Kris will rectify that soon.

To watch the Idolatry video, click on the photo (which is a screencap of Kris doing the "Twitter face").

There is also a sneak preview of the Danny Gokey Idolatry tour video where he makes a heart hand for Kristen Baldwin, one of his most vocal haters during the show. Bwahaha good one, Danny!

BTW - I laughed pretty hard at how these two stories are categorized on EW. Kris' video is tagged with "Sexytimes", and Danny's is tagged with "inappropriate crushes", presumably because Slezak mentions his mom screaming during Adam Lambert's set "COME TO MAMA!" So when you click on the sexytimes category, Kris' video comes up right above a YouTube video fo a shower scene featuring a guy from True Blood. LMAO.

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