Sunday, August 09, 2009

Idol Tour Reviews - Newark Show #1

Warning - The Star-Ledger review is basically one big rant. No one comes out unscathed. The reviewer, Martin Tsai, calls the concert "uneven", says that it's "highly doubtful that any of them could survive the unforgiving crowd on Amateur Night at the Apollo", and calls their covers "utterly

He said that Adam Lambert "ultimately came off like he was doing a stage adaptation of "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" and that "every time he squealed like a whale, fans rewarded him by tossing their bras on stage. Settle down, girls. In case you haven't heard, Lambert is gay." (Grrrr. So unnecessary)

And just when you think he is going to actually praise Kris Allen (he said Kris was "certainly impressive, accompanying himself on guitar or piano with every song. The five-number set was starting to convince you that the right person won.), he says "His Coldplay-esque cover of the Beatles' 'Hey Jude' was certainly inspired until he messed up. Although it wasn't such a big deal when he banged the wrong chord on the piano, it surely was when he started screaming at the end of the song and broke his voice." Hmmmph. If you're going to make a crack, at least get it right - Kris doesn't play piano on "Hey Jude". That was "Bright Lights" where he hit the wrong note on the piano. And as for screaming at the end and breaking his voice? You mean the part in the song that actually calls for the rock scream? WTF-ever, dude.


Lee said...

Hey! Where can I find the interview where the reporter asks some contestants (I think it was Lil, Scott, Kris, and Matt/Danny) questions like "Which celebrity scandal would you rather have?" and "what would you change about me?"

I am confident that it exists because I just watched it :) I finally googled it and it led me here, so I figured you may have it tucked away somewhere. I'll check back here to see if you respond. Thanks!

Water Cooler Convo said...

Oh you almost stumped me. I had to search for that post.

The interview is from the SeattleInsider:

Lee said...

Thank you SOO SOO MUCH!