Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Idol Tour Reviews - Columbus

The Herald-Dispatch's Idol Chit-Chat blog covered the concert in Columbus. The reviewer wasn't blown away by any one performance, but if she had to pick, she'd give best-of-the-night honors to Adam Lambert's "Mad World", followed by Anoop Desai's "Always On My Mind" and the group performance of "Beggin'". She also said both Adam and Kris Allen were amazing but that she wishes Adam would have sung "some more recognizable, crowd-friendly songs" and that "after the spectacle of Adam, (Kris') set kind of lost something." The reviewer was disappointed in all three girls.

The Columbus Dispatch review is one of those blah-de-blah-blah reviews that had a few WTF lines - i.e. something about Adam's "10-minute medley of Bowie, Muse and Led Zeppelin songs" and "Already hindered by an intermission, enthusiasm had dampened by the time winner Kris Allen was set to perform." Did Kris suddenly get bumped to the beginning of Act 2? Don't get it.

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