Thursday, August 06, 2009

Idol Tour Reviews - Baltimore

The Baltimore Sun has half of a review since the reviewer didn't show up until halfway through Matt Giraud's "Georgia On My Mind".

Adam Lambert received the bulk of the praise, with the reviewer saying, "I've never seen a man scream like that before. Robert Plant could hit some high notes, but Lambert launched into the stratosphere. And if you think Plant's screaming sounded feminine, wait until you hear Lambert. It was like Geddy Lee on steroids. And boy oh boy did he have a stage presence. That crowd ate out of his gloved hand. Even when he was sitting on a stool singing 'Mad World' by Tears for Fears, he commanded the crowd's attention. Of all the performers, he seemed the most at ease on stage."

The reviewer was not quite impressed with Kris Allen, but still had good things to say about his set: "To be honest, I wasn't bowled over by Allen. He's a good-looking dude, sure. And he's got a good voice. It's not a great voice, but it's a good voice, and he knows how to use it. I just wasn't that impressed with him. The high point of Allen's set was 'Heartless' by Kanye West. It was refreshing to hear someone actually sing the song -- not just West's auto-tuned original. Hearing Allen sing it gave me new respect for West's songwriting. It really is a great track, and Allen sounded great on it."

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