Friday, August 07, 2009

Idol Tour Reviews - Atlantic City

From what the Idols have been Tweeting, it sounds like Friday night's Atlantic City stop had one of the worst crowds yet. Allison Iraheta and Matt Giraud Tweeted in the middle of the show about it. Allison wrote "I don't understand why some people just won't enjoy a show ... Makes me sad to see only a couple a' people standing and a bunch sitting", and Matt wrote "Thank you to everyone who stood up and had a good time tonight! : D Tough crowd..tough crowd. I still sing as if they're all going nuts."

And then I think the Idol handlers got a hold of them shortly thereafter, because they each followed up with some backtracking. Allison wrote "Thank you people that actually enjoyed us all :)" and Matt wrote "I actually had a great time tonight!! Thanks Atlantic City! Getting ready to go out and sang one more time before we roll out. NYC!!"

Even Kris Allen's neutral tweet spoke volumes. He usually thanks the city they were just in or says they were crunk or hype or whatever, but tonight, he just said this: "Today was a long day...but what a way to end it. In AC playing a show for a huge crowd of people." LOL good attempt at being PC, Kris.

To be fair, though, Adam Lambert ("Atlantic city was great- I'm so sorry for passing on after show festivities but I have rest the voice, up since 5am for Good Morning America"), Lil Rounds ("Thanks for the Love, Atlantic City,...............") and Scott MacIntyre ("great crowd tonight...thanks to each and every one of you for coming out to listen!") Tweeted their thanks to the crowd.

As far as media reviews go, the Press of Atlantic City review is largely incoherent with a little dig at Adam's sexuality in the first sentence, so I'll just grudgingly post the link. WTF.

There is a much better review in the Atlantic City Weekly that gives credit to the Top 6, saying, "This group of Idols, with as much talent as any previous season’s top five, has upped the ante with their group showmanship. I expect to hearing more from Adam, Kris, Allison, Danny, Matt and Anoop when their Idol umbrella is gone at the end of the tour." Scott also gets a nice shoutout for being "an unexpected source of showmanship and solid chops". The reviewer's highlights of the show were Matt and Scott's "Tell Her About It", Danny’s "P.Y.T" and "What Hurts the Most," Allison and Adam’s "Slow Ride" and Kris' "Ain’t No Sunshine." Also mentioned were Adam's "Whole Lotta Love", "Mad World" and Bowie medley.

Also in the Atlantic City Weekly was a Q&A with Danny Gokey, where he talks about Idol, his album plans, the tour, fans and Sophia’s Heart Foundation. Interestingly, he says that he felt the competition was shifting away from him around Top 5 week. That was when he did "Come Rain Or Come Shine", which was arguably his best performance of the year. I wish the interviewer had followed up with him on that. Perhaps he figured that with Adam and Kris hitting the bottom 3, their fans would go nuts trying to save him while his fans got comfortable?

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