Saturday, August 01, 2009

Idol Tour Reviews - Atlanta

Idol blogger Rodney Ho of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution had good things to say about the show and nearly each contestant. And some great pics that he took himself.

Michael Sarver had "decent vocals and does a respectable job with both Gavin DeGraw and surprisingly, Ne-Yo." He found Megan Joy to be "charming" and "adorable as always" and said she did a "fine job" on her two songs. Not much to say about Scott MacIntyre other than he picked out two piano songs, and Rodney also pointed out the irony of Scott singing "If I could just see you ..." on "A Thousand Miles". Rodney said Lil Rounds reminds him of the three singers she covers but is not better than them. Anoop Desai "still does an amazing job with ballads", but failed to keep up the energy during "Mad". Matt Giraud once again had the best reviews of the first half, with his "Hard To Handle" being called the "best performance of the night so far", showing "versatility ... verve and vocal dexterity."

This little bit about Allison Iraheta is news to me: she said she didn't choose to sing "So What", that the producers felt it could be a preview of what her first album might be. Rodney called Allison a "great artist", "totally unique" and "a rising star for sure." Danny Gokey's "My Wish" was called "one of the strongest emotional points of the concert", and Rodney noted that it looked like Danny teared up at the end. He went on to say about Danny, "There's no doubt he will have a career if he takes it in the proper direction." Adam was "at the top of his game", while Kris was "incredibly unassuming but engaging on stage".

The story in the Gwinnett Daily Post doesn't have much mention about the concert itself, but they did interview some of the Idols before the show, as well as two Adam fans who left in the middle of Kris' set (Ugh. I don't care whose set it is, I think it's rude) to get a good spot at the buses.

The Idols talked about what they did on their day off yesterday. Anoop visited with his best friend and a college roommate, both of whom live in Atlanta. Michael Sarver and some friends went to The Varsity. Kris went to the movies by himself (ahh so that's what his tweet about getting a little "me time" meant) and watched "The Hangover" (And now I am sad for him because that movie is the kind you need to watch with your friends because it's not as fun to laugh that much by yourself). He and Scott also worked out. Allison and some of the others saw "Bruno" after a shopping trip to Metropark.

Kris revealed his pre-performance routine, which recently has included doing 100 jumping jacks before going on. Anoop said he doesn't eat dinner on show nights because after the concert on the bus they have burgers and shakes, "so I have to keep in shape somehow." Yeah, Anoop. Because you're so fat.

As far as albums go, the writer made it sound as if Allison's album is going to precede Kris', saying "Iraheta's album is expected to drop in the fall, followed by Allen's in November." That would not surprise me, seeing as how Kris is doing so much writing/co-writing. Scott says he is about midway through production of his album and expects to put it out in the fall. He calls his sound "along the lines of John Mayer, Gavin DeGraw. always a little Bruce Hornsby in the back there somewhere." Um, I dunno, but Scott's voice isn't soulful like Mayer and DeGraw. He's just so Adult Contemporary. I just don't see it. And then there's Sarver, who had previously been insisting that he's more of an R&B singer, and now he's saying he's writing country music right now and that he's going for a "modern, soulful country" sound. Good for you, Sarver. That's where your sound fits best.

Fox 5 in Atlanta has some video highlights of the concert and interviews before the show. There's a new performer on the tour, by the way. Her name is Amanda Iraheta. She kind of looks like Allison. (Big fail, Fox 5!)

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