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Idol News Roundup - 8/7/09

Lots happening today, starting with the Kris Allen-Adam Lambert-David Cook GMA concert this morning.

The Santa Rosa Press-Democrat graded the three solo performances (B+ for Kris, A for Adam and A+ for Cook), which of course led to readers leaving some pretty ridiculous comments back. with each subsequent poster upping the pluses for their favorite (one gives an A++, the next one gives an A+++, then someone later gives an A+++++++++++++++++. Oh lawd).

MTV recaps the concert, and Jarett Wieselman of the New York Daily News called the trio's "Little Lies" performance "the most magical musical ménage à trois since Madonna french kissed Britney and Christina." LMAO that's awesome. He also called them "the hardest game of Do, Marry, Kill in history". HAHA

Big David Cook feature in the Ventura County Star. I like this last line: "That’s David Cook, aka No. 36214, rocker, balladeer, songwriter, guitarist, runner, brother, ear seeker and — especially without the cheesy theme music, toll-free call-ins and Ryan Seacrest — an American idol."

And a review of Cook's concert at the Nokia Theater in NYC in USA Today's Idol Chatter, with some good recaps of between-song banter. This one is pretty funny: "David's earnest performances and his easygoing banter clearly connected with the crowd. He made only one significant misstep, when he singled out a member of the audience and said, 'Did you know there's a guy wearing a Red Sox cap in the middle of New York?' The resulting hail of boos and catcalls forced David to deflect attention away from the poor guy by revealing his own allegiance to the Kansas City Royals. Because, really, how much grief can you give somebody for wearing a Red Sox cap when the guy on stage has just said he likes the worst team in the American League?"

Adam talked about touring and his upcoming album on the American Idol website. He tries once again to get word out that he is running out of room on the bus, so people who are looking to buy him gifts would be better off making a donation in his name. He suggested

Adam also talked to Rolling Stone about Paula Abdul's departure from American Idol, saying, "I think she brings so much heart to the show. She’s so supportive, she knows what it’s like to be a performer and she really provides a sense of safety for the auditioners in the room. I have no doubt her future endeavors will bring her success and happiness. She’s got a lot that she’s capable of."

This story seems so ludicrous, but Constantine Maroulis got into a bar fight over Paula Abdul, according to the New York Daily News. A witness was quoted as saying, "It was hilarious! Constantine got into it with this guy who was probably 6 inches shorter and 60 pounds lighter. The guy body-slammed him and punched him in the face and then just stood up, straightened his tie, and said, ‘B—ch, don’t you ever,’ before walking away." There may be a ring of truth to it, though. Constantine tweeted the following: "Haha I'm FINE! Some drunk dude tackled me in the middle of the concert and jumped on me. Broke up quick, didn't even know him. Or throw one punch. I don't mind a fight...but only when its fair and I'm lookin.

Jordin Sparks tells E! News that letting Paula leave "was dumb on American Idol's part. I love American Idol and I respect them. It's because of them that I got my start, but Paula was one of the original judges. She helped soften the blow for contestants when we didn't do well. I love Paula. The show will definitely not be the same without her, and I feel bad that future contestants will not get to experience having her on the show. I'm so sad."

Melinda Doolittle also spoke up about Paula, writing on her blog, "But Paula...sweet Paula, is the heart...the artist...the mama...the one who understands what you’re going through and empathizes with you. The one who knows you may just need to hear ONE good thing...even if it’s that your makeup looks good. She’s also the one judge that comes to the rehearsals for the AI tour and still offers that encouragement and advice that you quickly realize you still need to hear after all the cameras have turned off." Paula wrote back to Melinda on Twitter, saying, "Melinda, what you posted about me on your blog brought me to tears, which my make-up artist didn't appreciate since I was seconds away from filming a scene on the TV show Drop Dead Diva, having said that I soo appreciate your reflection of your experience with me and paying me such honor & respect. I love you Melinda and I am so proud of what you are achieving!"

Danny Gokey, Matt Giraud, Scott MacIntyre and Todd MacIntyre made a new BubbleTweet where they sing a four-part harmony about BubbleTweets.

On Monday, Kris Allen will be a guest on MTV's It's On with Alexa Chung. Also on the show that day is Doug Benson. Best Day Ever reunion! It's too late to apologize ...

And on Monday at 4 pm ET, the Idol Top 10 will ring the NASDAQ Stock Market Closing Bell in Times Square. There will be a live webcast on the NASDAQ website.

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