Thursday, August 06, 2009

Idol News Roundup - 8/6/09

Kris Allen talks to Newsday about touring, crazy fans, his album and "No Boundaries". He gives a "Um, no comment" comment when asked how he feels about "No Boundaries" (LOL) but then tries to add in "I think it's a really good song" after he said that (too late! haha).

Kris also declines to offer up too much about who he's working with on the album but says this: "We are working hard with some artists, some pretty big writers in L.A. and we're getting in some songs as well. We've got some pretty good stuff so far. . . . I would say it's in the pop-rock genre - that genre is huge, but somewhere in there, with something a little bit different that I think people will like." And he also says one of the surprises on the tour is that "the fans are a little bit crazier than I thought they were going to be. They like to touch you and sometimes in ways that maybe they shouldn't . . . but those people buy records, too." Oh dear. Hey fans - just because he doesn't sing "No Boundaries" anymore doesn't mean that you should have no boundaries with him, mmkay?

ABC News has a nice story on Kris, Adam Lambert and David Cook in advance of their performance tomorrow morning on the Good Morning America Summer Concert Series (aka Fraumaggedon in some internet circles). Adam talks about the negative aspects of fame, saying "A drawback is that the negative opinions people have toward the famous, successful, and alternative is now aimed at me. I have to deal with more ignorance than I did before." :(

Adam says this about Kris: "He's further proved my opinion that he is one of the nicest, most laid-back and gracious guys I have ever met. He has a great sense of humor and nothing fazes him. It's refreshing to be friends with someone so comfortable in his own skin." He also says "I am so excited for his future success."

Part two of the LA Times' "Adam Lambert: The Ultimate Interview" talks about his past show-business experience and how in both his first job on a cruise ship and in Ten Commandments there was resistance and opposition towards him at first. The Ten Commandments director clashed with him on wearing nail polish and eyeliner at rehearsal. Adam said, "So I faced more opposition, like I did on the cruise ship. It was that same type of thing repeating itself where I felt like they just didn’t believe in me, which was really hard for me. I found out later they had been seeing other people trying to replace me. When the show opened, I was one of the only people that got good reviews, so it was the best victory ever. You were worried about my nail polish and I’m getting better reviews than [others], so that was a big moment for me."

The Baltimore Sun has mini-interviews with Adam Lambert, Anoop Desai, Allison Iraheta, Scott MacIntyre and Michael Sarver. The interviewer inexplicably asked some of them who really should have won Idol, including Adam (who says "I think Kris got the most votes and he won. That's how it works. It's great."), Allison ("There's no should have for me. Kris won it, because he deserved it.") and Sarver ("Kris Allen").

They were also asked what song they'd pick for a do-over on Idol. Adam said "One", Anoop "Dim All The Lights". Allison said everything happens for a reason so she wouldn't want a do-over, except maybe a little with "Don't Speak" but more for her hair and wardrobe. Scott was happy with what he did but wishes he could have sung "Careless Whisper". Sarver doesn't have any regrets but probably would have done a slower country song.

Matt Giraud talks to the Carroll County Times about what he is calling "the redemption tour" after voters voted him off Idol three times. The story brings up a good point in that fans are learning a lot more about Matt through the tour thanks to press interviews and Twitter. "I’m gaining new fans every night," he said. "It’s such a huge dream come true."

Fox exec Peter Rice says Paula Abdul's vacant judging seat will be replaced. In the New York Post, Rice says, "We will probably have four judges. Between now and January, we will come up with a more permanent solution [in]... deciding who will judge the show." Guest judges (female pop stars) will fill in during audition episodes. Katy Perry and Victoria Beckham are already confirmed.

Season 8 Top 36 finalist Casey Carlson is featured in the Eden Prairie News. Some interesting stuff here on the audition process and getting advice from producers to ditch the Broadway song she first auditioned with and going for a current pop song (and not country, which Casey thinks now she would have been better off doing).

And another former Idol speaks out in this piece on "The Ugly Side Of American Idol" from ABC News. Ju'Not Joyner talks once again about how Idol is "fixed" and "manipulated". "It's scripted," he said. "It's not a talent competition. They show you who they want to show, and that's just what it is. They have some people, when they get on stage, lights come out that you didn't even know existed." And Ayla Brown from Season 5 joins in on the whining with this shocking discovery that "behind-the-scenes judgment can sometimes influence a singer's fate more than on-air evaluations or audience votes." (Uh yeah ... what show did you watch before you tried out where it wasn't??).

A former Idol employee also spoke out, saying "The show uses the back stories to help bring contestants who they want to go further in the show to the front of the public, the public's eye, so the public has sympathy for them and they will vote them into the top 24 or the top 12, or the top 3 and ultimately the winner. I think they use the back story to manipulate the public, no question about that in my mind." And again ... duh!

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