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Idol News Roundup - 8/3/09

Kris Allen answered five questions in Express Night Out, including what his favorite post-Idol appearance was (Jimmy Fallon "because it was the most laid-back and fun. He made fun of me, which was nice, and he kept singing 'All She Wants to Do is Dance' and made up his own lyrics to it. I also felt the interview went really well.") and what to expect on the album ("The album will probably be pop/rock, with hopefully a little bit of something that will surprise the fans -- in a good way.").

The Herald-Sun talked to Anoop Desai before his hometown concert in Greensboro Sunday and also talked to Adam Lambert about the hometown guy.

Anoop said that his most memorable experience on the tour prior to Sunday came in Charlotte the day before when he got an extended welcome from the crowd. "It was really special for me to be onstage, to be home in front of a North Carolina crowd and be appreciated like that and have them stand up and cheer for me as long as they did," he said.

Adam had some great things to say about Anoop:

"Anoop, his voice is so technically skilled," Lambert said. "He can do very, very difficult things with his voice. His tone is beautiful."

Lambert also appreciates Desai's intelligence and humor backstage and on the tour bus.

"He's quiet," Lambert said. "He's not one of the more rambunctious ones. He always makes me laugh. I'm not going to lie, some of the things he says go over people's heads."

Lambert -- who is already working on his album, which is due out in November -- said he hopes Desai will have a record deal soon.

"I wish him tons of luck on that," Lambert said. "I don't think he needs my wish of luck on that. I think that's going to happen."

Anoop wasn't able to say much about a possible recording deal since he's not permitted to talk directly with any record companies, but he said "I hope and would like to think, I would have something solidified by the end of summer, by the end of the tour."

He also talked about his friend Eve Carson, who was murdered a year ago, and said her parents attended the show in Atlanta, and he got to spend some time with them. Anoop said that thinking about Eve and "just knowing that she would be proud -- that pumps me up before shows."

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has more interviews with some of the Idols from before the Atlanta show. Allison Iraheta talked about her album, which "will be a mix of pop and rock, since she’s on Jive, but she prefers harder, edgier rock." Kris talked about seeing "The Hangover" alone the night before because no one wanted to go with him (awww sad) and going unrecognized. He also talked about his album and said it's going well. He assumes. ("I don’t know. I’ve never done this before. I keep asking, 'Is everything going okay?' They say, 'Everything is going great.' Okay, good!" He also said that his favorite person to co-write with was Joe King of the Fray. Anoop, who shared that he ate an Elvis burger with bananas, peanut butter and bacon (wwww!!!), is looking to go in a Ne-Yo R&B direction. Michael Sarver has upped his songwriting total to 905 songs now and said he'll be going country and that he thinks Idol should have an original songs week. Scott MacIntyre is hoping to go in the Gavin DeGraw/Bruce Hornsby/John Mayer direction, saying, "I love to straddle power pop and singer songwriter."

David Cook talks to the Lehigh Valley Express-Times before his performance at Musikfest. He said the best description he's heard about one of his concerts is "A lot of sweat, a lot of stink and a lot of fun" and said they won't be going acoustic, "It's plug and play. We try to keep it high energy." Cook also said something he may regret later, if his stalker-esque fans have any say in it: "I try to sneak away from the buses now and then and sneak off to a mall for a few hours." I hope that's just a smokescreen. Let's not encourage the crazies.

And this fun tidbit about Simon Cowell from ex-girlfriend Terri Seymour: Simon likes to watch cartoons. She said, "I watch The X Factor, of course. It was terrible when Simon Cowell and I were together because we had opposite TV tastes. He'd complain about what I was watching and then switch on Tweety. He just loves cartoons."

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