Saturday, August 29, 2009

Idol News Roundup - 8/28/09

(Man, you go computer-less for a day and all hell breaks loose!)

Adam Lambert told People Magazine he was about halfway done with his album, which he promises to be "quite eclectic". He also talks about the fundraising contest, saying about his fans, "They get really competitive with each other. I’m glad that we gave them something to fight over."

The Idols talked to the press in Milwaukee before Danny Gokey's hometown show. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel got some scoopage on the tour outfits. Danny does not like his combat boots that they are making him wear but doesn't want to complain because he's already on his second outfit after complaining about the original choice of white pants with a black stripe down the side. OMFG. That sounds heinous! We already know that Megan Joy isn't thrilled with her costume, and we can add her songs to the list of things she had no control over. The songs she suggested were shot down. "I don't get explanations," she said. :( Kris Allen was asked about any wacky costumes in the show, and he said, "Not me - Adam. Adam is very . . . he has this jacket that's very dinosaur-like. Very Adam. It works for him." LOL! Matt Giraud said his pants are tight. Indeed they are. And the ladies aren't complaining, so hush!

Anoop Desai was featured in MTV News' The Tweet Beat again after he tweeted about journalists who keep asking him how much he liked Slumdog Millionaire. Host Jim Cantiello said that asking Anoop about Slumdog was like asking Adam Lambert if he loves Brokeback Mountain or Taylor Hicks if he loves Benjamin Button. LMAO.

Kelly Clarkson performed in Syracuse on Thursday. Reviews in the Post-Standard newspaper and Idol Thoughts blog.

The Waukegan News Sun and Chicago Tribune talked to Fantasia about her role in the Color Purple.

Carrie Underwood is doing a lot of charity work. She is doing a pair of breast cancer awareness shows at the Grand Ole Opry on Oct. 2. And she donated $117,000 worth of instruments to the Checotah public schools’ music program through her Checotah Animal, Town & Schools foundation. Tulsa World, the Muskogee Phoenix, People Magazine and News on 6 were there for coverage, with the latter having video of Carrie's duet with a 5th grader.

Michael Johns was a guest on Salt Lake City's Fox 13 morning show and also had a really funny interview with B98.7's The Todd & Erin Morning Show.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Bo Bice and Ace Young will perform at the Jerry Lewis MDA telethon on Labor Day weekend and that Blake Lewis will be headlining the Atlanta Pride Festival on Nov. 1.

Neil Patrick Harris talked to Entertainment Weekly about his Idol judging stint (he said he "shattered dreams" and that Kara DioGuardi has now taken on Paula's more nurturing role) and also about bringing some So You Think You Can Dance into the Emmy's broadcast. Tabitha & Napoleon will be working with the show.

The power of an Adam Lambert recommendation is evident in the sudden rise in popularity of Cassidy Haley, whose video Adam tweeted a link to. The Houston Chronicle talked to Cassidy about the newfound fame.

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