Thursday, August 27, 2009

Idol News Roundup - 8/27/09

Danny Gokey was interviewed by When asked who he likes to listen to when he's not on stage, he said Matt Giraud's "Hard to Handle" and the group number that closes the first set. Yeah, Matt! That's two days in a row someone has written about another Idol liking his set. :) Danny has some nice words for the fans: "Sometimes I get lost for words because they made us who we are. I want to thank them by putting out good music. You put all this time into me and I want to give back with good music that you can relate to, music that touches your heart, and music that gets you going. That is my goal and I am thankful that you take out the time to support me. It means so much to me, I love you, I love everything you have done with me."

The DC Concert Examiner has its latest Q&A with Adam Lambert. He said that his worries about being locked into a deal with 19 were unfounded and that they "really do facilitate what we [he and Kris Allen] want to do. We have control over the material."

Somehow Kris Allen tweeting "Rainy day in gokeyland" became a blog post in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "When American Idol winner Kris Allen tweets, everybody reads. The gazillion responses are the electronic equivalent of screaming." LMAO. Slow news day?

The Argus Leader had a really good interview with David Cook that, contrary to a lot of what we've seen lately, is all about his music. Cook appears to have backed down a little bit on the Anthemic band name, saying, "Yeah, I'm really proud of this band and I'm really proud of what we've been able to do, so I want to give them a title. It's just a matter of the right name at the right time. We'll see."

Brooke White was on talking about her album and upcoming tour. The reporter (who I thought was really good and did his homework) brought up the lyric in her song "Hold Up My Heart" - "Why did you run away from me/Is it because I'm not as pretty as I used to be" - asking her "Is this from your life, or are you just imagining some other woman who has suddenly become un-pretty?" Brooke said a lot of people have asked her about that line. I've heard people talk about this line as well. It seems to have struck a chord.

David Archuleta posted a vlog from Alaska, where he is playing at the state fair tomorrow. He tweeted while he was uploading the video from his hotel room, saying he was having a hard time with the internet connection he paid for, so he went outside his room and found a better connection outside someone else's door. ROFL.

Broadway star Kristin Chenowith is the latest guest judge to join American Idol, reports People Magazine. She will be judging at this week's Orlando auditions. And now with her and Neil Patrick Harris as guest judges, I'd really like to see Simon try to pull the too-Broadway insult.

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Kimbee said...

That vlog by David Archuleta was the cutest thing ever. I hear he has a Christmas cd coming out soon. It should be amazing.