Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Idol News Roundup - 8/25/09

Lil Rounds is interviewed for Idolatry. Michael Slezak asks Lil if she's "totally gutsy or crazy or what?!" in regards to singing "Single Ladies".

The Seattle Times reviewed David Cook's Seattle concert Monday night. Idol blogger Bob Payne wrote, "Those who might be inclined to dismiss Cook because his career took off as a result of 'Idol' ought to give the man a fair chance. With more than 100 shows under his belt, he's steadily honing his rocker chops. Clearly his guitar playing has picked up speed since 'Idol' and his duels with lead guitarist Neal Tiemann were impressive."

Cook was interviewed recently by a little girl for Kids Corporation. She asked him about the rubber chicken from the last Pork Beans webisode and then asked if they met her at a "barrrrrrr ...n", which really cracked Cook up. LOL!

MTV News reported on Kris Allen's possible album release date, stating that they have not heard back after requests for confirmation from 19E and Amazon.com. But the bigger news is that Jim Cantiello didn't write it! What the heck?!

The New York Post discusses "Freedom Day" for the Idols not already signed.

The Herald-Dispatch Idol blog has a glowing review of the Phil Stacey CD.

And the New York Post's Pop Wrap has a semi-review of Katharine McPhee's new single.

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