Monday, August 24, 2009

Idol News Roundup - 8/24/09

Danny Gokey's second Idolatry with Michael Slezak was much, much more relaxed than his first. Danny revealed that he is indeed going country. He talked about that genre plus songwriting and overthinking on the show in the video.

I hesitate to post this because a) It's the Examiner and b) I've never seen such atrocious spelling and grammar in an "article" in my life. It's seriously embarrassing. However, it's also a Q&A with Anoop Desai, so I'll just link it if anyone wants to read.

The Dartmouth had a review on the Boston show. It seems to have been written by a very knowledgeable Idol fan, who referenced Kradam and the song Michael Sarver did for his first audition (even I had forgotten that one). All of the guys plus Allison Iraheta got good reviews. Here's a good line: "If (Danny) Gokey had given the concert the atmosphere of a religious revival, then it most definitely sounded like the Second Coming of Jesus during (Adam) Lambert’s 15 minutes. His fierce voice and his honed ability to connect with the crowd justified all the hype." Kris Allen got probably one of the bigger compliments here, considering all of the nasty the fan wars. The reviewer wrote, "The final performer was season eight’s winner Kris Allen, who garnered as much screaming and applause as Lambert had before him. He may prefer plaid shirts to Lambert’s guy-liner, but the boyishly handsome Allen got even the most die-hard Lambert fans to cheer for him after his four songs..."

Another late, albeit brief review, this time from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, which noted the strong camaraderie amongst the group.

Michael Johns talked about Paula Abdul and Kradison with Fox News' Pop Tarts. MJ said he thinks Paula will return to Idol. "She will be there, you watch," he said. "I think come December when it all comes out she will be there, they will rectify the situation." He also weighed in on the Idol finale voting, saying, "Kris Allen was definitely the rightful winner. Both he and Adam Lambert will have good careers, but I think Allison (Iraheta) will actually have the biggest career of all of them." Somehow this quote got the Glamberts in a tizzy, and Michael was apparently besieged by an angry mob because he posted the following on Twitter (I added periods. haha): "Stop all this Adam Lambert talk. I think he's a great talent. Stop taking what gets printed out of context. I've always said he was great. Adam is going to have a wonderful career. Sometimes articles print only some of what u say. It's just the nature of this biz." Michael doesn't really interact with fans on his Twitter, so for him to post that ... I can't imagine what kind of messages he was getting. Good lord, people. Get a grip!

Michael will be joining David Foster once again for a 10-city tour, David Foster & Friends. Also on the bill are Charice, Philip Bailey and Peter Cetera. Additional surprise guests "can be expected at each concert."

The Wyoming Tribune Eagle Online has a nice Q&A with David Cook that covers a wide variety of subjects, including how much he hated the group dances on Idol ("You could see the disdain on my face every Wednesday evening."), who he would love to collaborate with (Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen and Robert Plant), and if he got to choose who he wrote with on his album ("Yeah, for the most part, I was lucky I got off the show and the label RCA/19 Recordings got involved in that and I gave them a wish list. I was fortunate to get a lot of the people on my wish list").

More Cook in the Casper Journal, who asks what fans can expect at his shows. Cook said, "The best synopsis I’ve heard of my show so far is a lot of sweat, a lot of stink and a lot of fun. I think that’s pretty accurate. We try to come out and put as much energy into these songs and try to transplant that into the audience. We just want everyone to leave feeling like they got way too much for their money."

The Santa Rosa Press-Democrat's Idol Chatter blog continues to get more mileage out of its Cook interview. This blog item is about David's Scottish Terrier, ironically named Dublin.

Carrie Underwood clips coupons, she tells GAC. However, she always forgets to bring them with her to the store. LOL!

Ruben Studdard is going to appear in the movie Lifted with Trace Adkins. describes the movie as an "Alabama-based film about a 12-year-old singer (Uriah Shelton) whose family is disrupted when his Marine father is re-deployed to Afghanistan."


Anonymous said...

Michael was NOT besieged by an angry mob. He only got a couple of tweets about his comments and they were not even hateful. You should check your facts first before making Adam's fans look bad.

Water Cooler Convo said...

Well, I didn't state it as a hard-core fact. I said "apparently". And I never said he got a bunch of angry tweets about it. I checked first - that's why I didn't word it as "angry tweets."

But he had to have been hearing about it from somewhere, whether it be MySpace, Facebook, message board posts, email, blog postings, word of mouth or even in person, for him to feel like he had to address it. Like I said, he doesn't typically interact with fans like that. And for saying something as innocuous as that? There would be no reason for him to respond otherwise.

Kimberwyn said...

Dear Anonymous,

It doesn't take any work to make Adam fans look bad. As Tyler Perry said...they can do bad all by themselves.

Anyhoo, crazed Adam stans on message boards got pissy about his comments. They didn't like the "rightful winner" comment, which is pretty ridiculous because 1) he meant that there wasn't cheating involved and 2) even if he meant it the other way, that's his opinion.

Anonymous said...


Look at those crazy Kris fans

Adam fans never bother to create an acount to send hatel tweets to Kris and his fans. Hope Kris sees their comments and realize what kind of fans he has. He is a nice guy but lots of his fans are hateful.

Anonymous said...

BTW, when Blake Lewis said negative things about Kris in the interview, Kris's fans got pissy and sent hateful tweets to Blake.

Water Cooler Convo said...

3 idiots do not equal "lots of his fans", and they certainly are not representative of anyone's fanbase, except maybe Hitler's. :P

And Adam's fans aren't innocent either. I've seen hateful tweets to Kris. And especially to Danny and Sarver.

Anonymous said...

@Water Cooler Convo

I'm not saying that Adam's fans are innocent. I just disagree with people who seem to think it's only Adam fans who do bad things. And I've seen lots of Kris fans who make hateful homophobic comments about Adam.