Sunday, August 23, 2009

Idol News Roundup - 8/23/09

Matt Giraud's Idolatry discusses his well-received set, specifically "Hard To Handle", which he had never played before. He also talks about the type of music he wants to do (more along the lines of Gavin DeGraw and James Morrison), rolls his eyes at the Timberlake label, and says he is over the disappointment of having his and Scott's number cut from the finale. It sounds like the producers told Matt they'd have him perform on the show next season to promote his album or single. THEY BETTER! He has been writing songs at hotel pianos and revealed the name of one song he has written, called "Weight of the World", which he says is about "not knowing where you're going but being okay with that."

The Adam Lambert dildo on stage story is circulating to mainstream media. Metro News in Canada has a piece on it.

David Cook's Sacramento concert was reviewed by the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat. There is some good constructive criticism there, but it's mostly positive. And another post has a photo gallery.

The Palm Beach Post discusses the possibility of being an Idol judge with Jody Watley. She joked with friends about Adam Lambert always having the best lighting, to which the interviewer quipped, "While Kris Allen, who won, was practically singing under a lightbulb sitting on an apple crate every week." Jody goes on to give future Idols some very sound advice, saying, "Number one, they have to recognize that it’s a platform. When I was on Soul Train, I knew I always wanted to be a singer, so I conducted myself professionally. I wasn’t one of the dancers who was causing trouble. I was working on making myself better, thinking 'What can I do to stand out?' In that situation, on Idol, it’s so huge, such an opportunity. Once you get it, you can get a little bit of exposure, pull up your sleeves and work it. Don’t wait for the machine to work it for you."

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