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Idol News Roundup - 8/21-22

The last part of the LA Times' Kris Allen Ultimate Interview is up. Kris talked about the songwriting process for his album. Keep in mind that this interview took place in June: "The first session I had went well, but the song didn’t end up as something I wanted to do on the album. I was intimidated, so I didn’t put my two cents in as much as I should have, and then the next one went really well and I got more comfortable. Same thing with the song though. Closer to what I wanted, but not completely there. And then I was with somebody yesterday and it was weird, but it went really well and I think it’s getting there. I really do. I’m excited."

He also talked a little bit about the relief efforts he took part in and how it affected him as a person. I wish Fred Bronson had delved into this topic a little bit more, but hopefully it will spur another interview focusing more on this in the future. Like if they do Idol Gives Back. Kris said, "I would like to do more stuff like that and the opportunity is bigger now to help people, to go to different places where people are having a hard time. I went to Thailand after the tsunami and helped with that and it’s nice to get to know people from different countries, because they’re different but they’re also the same. And the coolest thing that I learned from all those trips is that I’ve been to a lot of places where people don’t have much and they’re so happy to see you and they are always wearing a smile. They’ll make their best food for you and put you in their best places, which isn’t great by our standards but is amazing by theirs. So it’s nice to know that as much as we think we go through as Americans, there are other people around the world that go through way more and are living a better life. So doing that, I’ve learned about being a real person."

Kris was also interviewed by The Idols have talked about having reunions every year. Awww! A video version of this interview is also available as a link on that page with Danny Gokey and Scott MacIntyre bonus interviews at the end.

Matt Giraud talked to E! Online about some of his tour mishaps (going onstage without the mic, performing with his fly open, his mic stand coming apart) and about a record contract. On the latter, he said, "I'm in talks right now with 19 and other companies. It's just a waiting game to see what happens. I'm just trying to stick to what I do, which is write and keep booking shows. I hope something comes up for a record deal. But if I have to, I'll record myself. I want to make about five good songs to get out there to present to the labels of how I want to be as an artist."

In Megan Joy's new Idolatry, I got sad about how much the tour producers have her on a leash. They are making her dress in that super-tight pink dress with those crazy high heels, and she wanted to sing any Amy Whinehouse song but the one they are having her do. She's getting so screwed over. It's sad. She also talks about some possible projects and future plans, as well as how she defines success for herself ("doing what I love every day and raising my son myself and being able to take care of him completely on my own").

Allison Iraheta, Michael Sarver, Scott MacIntyre and Anoop Desai talked to the Morning Call prior to Thursday's concert about their future musical prospects. Allison has already shot the cover of her album and says the CD is halfway done. She is recording from the road, saying "They find a place and then I go to and patch in some vocals and record it." She has also done some songwriting for the CD. Sarver says he will definitely have an album out by next year and that "there's a lot of things that have come ot the table that I'm going to be capitalizing on." Scott says his album is halfway done and that he's also received offers and interest "on the music publishing side" from "several major publishers." Anoop is "in contact with a lot of people" and is going to pursue things when he moves to LA.

Fox Philadelphia talked to some of the Idols before the Philadelphia show. The news anchor talked about discussing the traffic reporter's crush on Danny Gokey, and Allison told her to drop it. "You don't want Danny. You don't know what you're getting yourself into," she joked.

Danny is mentioned in this article in Newsday about Taylor Swift and country crossover artists. He said, "I like the message - that's what is very important to me. I can't see myself making 'booty' songs or dancey songs, that's just not me. I'm basically a person who wants to talk about what I talk about, and it's one of the last genres you can do that in."

The David Cook article in the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat was in the print edition only, so Idol blogger Bill Pinella put the article online on his Idol Chatter blog.

Daughtry concert review from the San Francisco Chronicle. At least it was not as bad and vitriolic as Jim Harrington's review in the San Jose Mercury News. But I'm not surprised by that, coming from him.

Bo Bice weighs in on the Paula Abdul departure, telling the Birmingham Star that it would be like taking Joey out of Friends.

A little bit of a blast from the past - a story in the Tyler Morning Telegraph on Season 7's Jason Yeager (you might remember him from earlier in the season when he did some video blogs reviewing Idol. He said Kris Allen had no business being in the Top 12. Haha. I bet his head exploded when Kris won. And Jason also made fun of people's song choices. Because Moon River was a good idea?).

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