Sunday, August 02, 2009

Idol News Roundup - 8/2/09

The Arkansas Democrat Gazette tried to get some dirt on Kris Allen from the other Idols. The dirt on Kris is that what you see is what you get - he's a great guy, he's hilarious, he's genuine.

The Herald Sun talks to Anoop Desai's friends just prior to Anoop's hometown concert in Greensboro.

His friends, many of whom have already graduated and are moving on in their careers, expect they'll be friends with Desai for life, no matter what happens in Desai's life.

"Anoop is first and foremost very loyal, to not only UNC and Chapel Hill, but also to the friends he had while he was here," Simpson said. "I don't think that will change at all."

They plan to be there for him, too.

"He knows that he has a home here in Chapel Hill," Simpson said. "He knows that he has friends who love him."

Anoop is also featured in the Greensboro News-Record. He talks about how much he loves his home state, saying, "I love everything about Chapel Hill and North Carolina; it's always been home. Having the university there was always a plus; we were always surrounded by the aura of Carolina -- just feeling a part of that Carolina spirit." The article also talks about how he sang throughout school, from elementary to college and notes that he played trumpet, which I did not know. He said, "Growing up, I always would tell people, if given the opportunity to sing (as a career), I would,. This ('American Idol') really gave me the opportunity to do that."

In other Anoop news, he will be playing at the NC State Fair on Oct. 22. Tickets go on sale Monday at Also playing the fair is Kellie Pickler on Oct. 17.

Constantine Maroulis brags to People Magazine that he "definitely opened the door for people after me, like Chris Daughtry and David Cook and all those guys. [Season 8 runner-up] Adam [Lambert]’s a good kid, I wish him all the best." Huh. I think a more accurate statement would be, "Bo Bice and I definitely opened the door for people ..." Or better yet, "I definitely opened the door for faux-rockers after me, like Robbie Carrico and Matt Brietzke."

That being said, I have to say that Constantine might be being a little bit modest here when he said, "I probably wouldn't be in this chair if I wouldn¹t have gone on the audition that day." He played the lead in the Broadway touring company of Rent, so he could very well have made it to Broadway without Idol.


DJT said...

How dare you minimize Constantine's mark on American Idol. EVS!
Some people just don't get him, and I know you're one of those people. But, COME ON!
I'd really like to see if you would eat your words if you got to know him personally, say like if a good friend of yours married him. I'd really like to see that happen- you know, just to see what you would do.

Water Cooler Convo said...

LMAO! Oh sure. Just to see what I would do.

But hey! I acknowledged he probably would have made it on Broadway without Idol. That's progress!

DJT said...

That is progress. I guess...