Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Idol News Roundup - 8/19/09

In the Detroit Free-Press, Kris Allen talks about touring, advice from Chris Daughtry, and the Idol fraternity of finalists from the past eight seasons ("We all have each other's back"). He also laments about how Idol isn't always just about the music ("I think people do care about it. They wouldn't care about us if we weren't talented or good at what we do -- their brains wouldn't shift to allow them to like us. But when you're on the show, there's so much more that people pay attention to: your personality, what you're wearing, a lot of the other stuff.")

Kris tells the Cleveland Plain-Dealer that he has been doing a lot of writing: "We have some that are really good that'll probably end up on the album, but we're still writing stuff, so you never know. Stuff can get bumped off. Maybe we'll write better stuff." He is also unfailingly polite, with his first words in the interview being "Thank you sir." And Kris endears himself to me once again by snarking on the sway-bots in the audience at Idol after being asked what is the one thing he would do over on the show ("All She Wants To Do Is Dance", of course): "Maybe that wasn't the best choice ever. And I sang in that pit -- not a good idea. The sound was weird and people were swaying their hands in the wrong direction, with no rhythm."

Looks like Danny Gokey is about to sign a record deal. In an interview with the Morning Call, he said "All I can say is there’s good news. That’s all I can say. There’s good news on the horizon. I’ve been told to keep my mouth kind of quiet about it. So that’s our little secret. It’s gotta be done properly; they’re not going to start talking about it." Oh Danny. It's not so little of a secret if you tell a reporter who is interviewing you.

Lil Rounds talks to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review about life post-Idol. Interesting quote here: "I see myself as a world-renowned artist," Rounds says, describing her vision of five years from now. "I'm looking to really hit the ground running as soon as the tour is over. I definitely want to get an album out and really work on my singing career."

The Boston Herald talked to some the current Idols about Paula Abdul and found out what they did on their day off. Matt Giraud and Michael Sarver rode the Duck Boats. Anoop Desai visited with college friends. Allison Iraheta went to the mall and ate at Cheesecake Factory. Scott MacIntyre wandered the city looking for a piano, found one at a hotel lobby, played one song and got kicked out.

Jason Castro talks to Entertainment Weekly's Idol guru Michael Slezak about his debut album and single "Let’s Just Fall in Love Again", which is streaming on his new website

Page Six claims that David Cook is dating a cougar - a "busty" 35 year-old model.

Carrie Underwood is going to start a charity in her hometown of Checotah - The C.A.T.S. (Checotah Animal, Town and School) Foundation.

Phil Stacey is having a release party in a Wichita church for his upcoming Christian CD on Friday.

LaToya London talks to the Houston Chronicle about touring with The Color Purple and, naturally, about American Idol and Paula Abdul's departure.

Paula Abdul's manager told the LA Times that there have been no talks about Paula returning to Idol or to Fox but that "soon" she will reveal her post-Idol plans. So it looks like SYTYCD isn't happening either.

A press release about a PRS guitar mentions some dude named "Chris Allen", who apparently played this while on American Idol.

And a few Idol mentions here in this interesting story in the State Journal-Register about tour demands from different musical acts. Bo Bice requested bottled spring water EXCEPT Evian. Kelly Clarkson asked for Starbucks, a specific menu, metal silverware and china plates, and her band requested Big Red gum and "4 bottles of GOOD red wine (Jordan, Zinfandel, Malbec, Merlot)."

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