Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Idol News Roundup - 8/18/09

Throw-away mention in the Boston Globe of the Idol pre-show press in Boston. Kinda rude, actually. And to be honest, I'm really tired of people putting others down in order to prop someone else up. It's disrespectful and unnecessary. But the gleaned info from the piece is that Anoop Desai spent his off day watching "Mad Men", and Michael Sarver's hickey-looking thing on his neck came from when he ran into a pole.

David Archuleta got rave reviews in the Grand Rapids Press for his solo set.

Jim Cantiello from MTV discusses David Cook's latest Pork Beans video that mocked the lame media interviews he has done in the past year. Interesting point he makes: "David Cook should be careful not to come off as a jaded rock star. While I find the clip to be amusing, I could see how others might look at it and go, 'Well forget that guy. I won't bother interviewing him when he plays the California State Fair next week.'"

Ricky Braddy gets a mention in the Daily Advance after singing at a staff convocation in Elizabeth City. He sang "Anyway" by Martina McBride.

Bucky Covington stopped by CMT to play some new tunes. His new album comes out Oct. 13, and one of the songs is a cover of Nickelback's "Gotta Be Somebody". Oh sorry, Bucky. You lost me there. Just say no to Nickelcrap!

And a link to Matt Giraud's interview on KISS 108 in Boston Tuesday morning.

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