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Idol News Roundup - 8/17/09

Part one of the LA Times' Kris Allen Ultimate Interview goes in-depth into Kris' musical background and how he got started as a musician. There are some amusing nuggets in here about how he ruined someone's wedding while he was in a string quartet in high school, how he both opened and closed one local bar in one night (lol) and more info on his viola playing. He was third in state. "Not too bad," as he said.

Kris was also interviewed by the Boston Globe, which managed to get the impossible - a few tidbits of info on his album. About his collaborations with diverse people such as Salaam Remi, Mat Kearney and Joe King, Kris said, "I think we were experimenting with some things. The Salaam thing was definitely an experiment to see what would happen. And then [we hooked up] with people like Joe who are definitely along the same track. We’re doing some things that obviously make sense in people’s heads and we’re trying to do some things that didn’t make so much sense. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I’ve had a great time with everyone." Kris also named some new people in his dream collaboration list: "I’m a big a John Legend fan, I think he’s incredible so that would be really nice. Since I was a kid I’ve always liked Matchbox Twenty and I think Rob Thomas is a great writer."

Megan Joy has a pair of interviews today - on E! Online, Megan talked about her writing process: "I found that it's easy for me to start by writing a rap and then turn it into a song later. So, I'm writing raps right now. And that's working out pretty well. And I have a song about my brother, 'Say It Ain't So.' My nickname for my brother is 'Say,' it's because he goes by C.J., and in Spanish that's Sejosa, so I just call him Say. Right now it's just in bits and pieces. It's about our experiences and how I feel about him. It's cute." On the American Idol website, she talked about her infamous dance move: "If I don't dance like that on stage they ask why I didn't do it. It has become my signature move. I didn't know how to perform when I started this journey, and was unaware of my dancing at first, but it's now my trademark."

Rolling Stone writes about how Adam Lambert recorded today with Max Martin, who is responsible for the mega-hits "Since U Been Gone", "Baby One More Time", "So What" and "I Kissed A Girl". MTV's Jim Cantiello blogged about Adam's 2012 track and wrote the funniest line regarding Brian May's gushing blog: "You think he liked it? Seriously, I haven't seen someone freak over an 'Idol' like that since ... well, since I interviewed Kris Allen last week." Bwahaha. Jim has such a man-crush on Kris.

Neither of those two actually talked to Adam for their articles. But the Philadelphia Metro did. Adam talked about the prep for the album, saying, "They said, ‘Well, which direction do you want to go?’ I said I kinda want to do everything. I’m a lover of pop music, but I have a fondness for classic rock and the electro stuff from the ’80s as well. I want to figure out a way to fuse that together.”

The Hartford Courant talked to some of the Idols and some fans at the meet-and-greet before last night's show. One fan called Kris "an absolute hunk", and Anoop Desai and Megan debunked the Meganoop rumor, with Anoop saying, "That's not a true story. I don't even know how it started."

David Cook talked about Kris and Adam with the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat. Regarding their performance of "Little Lies" on GMA, Cook said, "It was a blast and kudos to both of them. We’re all going about a million miles an hour right now and they really stepped up that day and sang the song that the band and I have been doing for for awhile. In a big-brotherly sort of way I was proud of both of them … although I think Adam is actually older than I am. I think they both are gonna be fine, I really do. Kris seems to have a confidence of self which can only help. Both Adam and Kris will do fine with a record from here on out."

Cook was interviewed by the Seattle Times in advance of his Aug. 24 concert in Seattle. Just from reading this Q&A, it strikes me that David and Kris have a lot in common. Outside of the "I won Idol after trying out only because my brother wanted to" thing, and the "I'm a master at re-arranging songs to suit me" thing, they both played string instruments when younger (Kris - viola, David - violin). And Cook said his shows are "organic", a word that is frequently used to describe Kris' music and style. Both guys bonded with their fellow finalist. Cook was asked if he thinks he and David Archuleta would still be friends 10 years from now, and he responded, "Well, unless David opts out of it, sure. he's a fantastic guy. I imagine we'll be friends for a long time." And there was another interview I read recently where Cook talked about his college experience, saying, "I think once I got into college, I pretty much spent my entire college career trying to find some sort of viable ... reason to drop out of college." Sounds a bit like Kris, except that Kris actually did drop out at one point.

Cook, who has been touring non-stop since February, actually took a little break today to go to Disneyworld with his nieces and nephews, Just Jared reported. Warning: adorable photos at that link.

On the Idol judging front, Access Hollywood says that Shania Twain is going to be a guest judge, and that Jessica Simpson is not.

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