Sunday, August 16, 2009

Idol News Roundup - 8/16/09

96.5 TIC interviews Matt Giraud, Megan Joy, Danny Gokey, Scott MacIntyre and Kris Allen before Sunday's show in Hartford. Matt talks about Shark Week, Megan misses her son, Danny would hope to get to Beyonce's level soon, and Scott says he saw Paula's departure coming a few months ago. Kris makes adorable faces at the camera and when asked if there's a hierarchy going on with him as the winner, he says "no one cares about me. Everyone is kind of mean to me. They like to make fun of me a lot."

Matt Giraud tells PopStar about what sound he is going for ("soulful rock ... I envision myself on the piano with a band around me") and about reading reviews online ("I am immune to it now; we get a kick out of it. We read a lot of the reviews after we go to a town. It’s funny because we do the same show every night and we bring it just as hard every night and the reviews are so different. There will be reviews that say 'greatest of the night' and some will say 'didn’t understand any of it, hated the show.' So you can’t go by that.")

Lil Rounds talks with the Eagle Tribune about her favorite moment on the tour so far (the stop in Memphis). She said, "The crowd went completely wild as soon as they announced my name. It was really nice. I really took it all in and had so much fun."

David Archuleta is featured in the Grand Rapids Press before Monday's solo concert. Archie's still adorable with his laughing while he talks: "I love doing my own shows. Everyone who comes out to the show actually paid to come watch you perform, which is a strange thought if you really think about it -- haha."

Little blog mention in the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat of Archie and David Cook still being friends. Cook said, "“I talk to Archie every couple of weeks. He’s a great guy. One of the nicest people I think I have ever met. I was one of his biggest fans and still am."

Paula Abdul is NOT going to guest on Ugly Betty, says the LA Times. She was in talks to play a temp at Mode who befriends Amanda, but talks between Paula and the ABC network have fallen apart. TMZ is saying Paula is holding out for Idol still.

If Paula isn't doing Dancing with the Stars either, it doesn't seem as if she's particularly wanted on So You Think You Can Dance by Mary Murphy, according to E! Online. Mary was quoted as saying, amongst other things, that she would be a better judge than Paula, saying, "I would be. I have to be honest, a girl knows what she's talking about." Mary also said she's "Not sure America's ready for that" in regards to Paula joining the SYTYCD panel and then said "There could be a catfight between me and Paula—or a dance fight!"

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