Saturday, August 15, 2009

Idol News Roundup - 8/15/09

Anoop Desai and Danny Gokey talk to the Boston Herald prior to their show in Boston on Tuesday. Danny reveals that he has two record labels that are "both kind of bidding over me". Anoop says he's "definitely planning on moving to L.A. because I am serious about my music career."

Danny is featured in GM Today. He talks about how he got serious about music and why he auditioned for American Idol. Hollywood week was extremely hard for him between still grieving over his wife's death and the stress of auditioning. He said, "You are crushing yourself. You’re confused, understanding what life has done to you. Then you are trying to find hope and purpose. It was probably the hardest week of the whole ‘American Idol’ experience for me. I wasn’t sleeping. I hit a three-month depression that lasted into December. I didn’t want to be on the show. When I was in front of the camera, I did what I had to do, but I was a wreck."

The State Journal-Register reviews Kelly Clarkson's concert at the Illinois State Fair and gives a great description of "Since U Been Gone", calling it "simply a great song and will likely go down in history as one of the best pop songs of the decade. Its soaring, intricately layered chorus defies you to stand still; almost no one did." So true.

Fantasia Barrino talks to CNN about the tumors in her throat that caused her to leave The Color Purple. She is also going back to school to get her high school diploma.

Phil Stacey talks about his move from country to Christian music.

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