Thursday, August 13, 2009

Idol News Roundup - 8/13/09

David Cook talks to the Maryville Daily Times about expanding his fanbase outside of Idol and about his blog earlier in the year that told the fans to back off. He said, "To talk about the blog itself, I think it was a big lesson for me. It was a problem that had come up with two, maybe three fans ... they were putting themselves in harm's way and obviously I don't want anybody to get hurt on my behalf. But I don't know that putting out a mass blog was the right way to go, in hindsight. I think as far as finding private time, it's just a matter of doing what makes you happy and trying not to let the ancillary stuff get to you. I really had to wrap my head around the idea that having all this attention certainly beats the alternative of having no attention. You learn, you move on, and certainly I love my fans, I appreciate them and I'd rather be playing music than doing anything else."

Cook also talks to E! Online about wanting to get into acting. "It's another kind of way to be creative, so I'm very on board for that," he said.

Adam Lambert talks ice cream with "I'm trying to be a rock star, people! I can't be eating ice cream. I need to lose some weight." He also needs to lose whoever came up with the wardrobe for his album shoot. A makeup artist on the shoot Twitpic'd a photo of Adam in some bizarre get-up that had him looking like the black Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. He deleted the picture from his Twitter, but it's floating around out there. Out of respect to Adam, I won't post it here, but it's pretty LOL-worthy.

Scott MacIntyre chats with his former hometown paper, The Hamilton Spectator. The writer gets all gossipy and tries to talk to Scott about the Kris Allen-Adam Lambert rivalry, at least between their fans, asking Scott who gets the most applause (Seriously? Seriously.) Scott answers, "It varies form city to city. In reviewing a couple of the launching shows, Rolling Stone magazine actually said that I got some of the loudest applause of the night. I was very thankful for them mentioning that and glad to hear it."

AP feature on Daughtry the band - not the man. For the second album, it's much more of a collaborative effort, with songwriting and playing instruments on the record.

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