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Idol News Roundup - 8/12/09

Kris Allen and Adam Lambert (and Allison Iraheta) bounce ideas off each other over songs they are working on. But if you only read MTV's headline, Adam is Kris' songwriting weapon. Or if you only read James Montgomery's story taken from Jim Cantiello's video interview, Kris needs Adam's help with songwriting because he's struggling. Good grief. But seriously, don't read that article. Listen to Kris' interview (and listen to Kris sing a mock song about American Idol "American Idollll/Love it") where he says at first he struggled with co-writing because he's never co-written with someone before; he wrote his own (awesome) pre-Idol album by himself, for crying out loud.

The fourth and final installment of the Ultimate Adam Lambert interview was posted at the LA Times website. Adam talks about some behind-the-scenes aspects of the show, including how songs were put together. Adam says the first thing they do is work with their vocal team to cut the song into 1:45, what key to sing it in, etc., and then the vocal team takes that info and sends it to Rickey Minor's arranger. Rickey Minor would then get it and develop it. The first time the Idols hear what the song is going to sound like is the Sunday before the show when they get the rough mixes for their iTunes recording. This is very interesting to me because I always wondered why Kris' studio recordings were so different than, and mostly inferior to, his show performances. Looks like Kris eschewed the Rickey Minor arrangements to do his own thing. Damn, his musical instincts are good.

Megan Joy talks with PopStar about future plans (she wants to do alternative jazz music - a mixture of hip-hop and jazz) and the tour. This was an interesting quote from her after being asked about being swarmed by fans: "The girls don't get swarmed. When we are with the boys, it's ridiculous and a lot of times I pass because I can't take it. Yesterday, we were at the mall and a girl came up to me and said, 'I think you are awesome' and walked away. I am all about that and I think that is sweet."

DC Concerts Examiner talks about Matt Giraud not being able to read music but being able to "hear a piece of music and almost immediately play it". The writer also asked Matt and Danny Gokey if they read Vote for the Worst or Ideltard and reported that "they briefly squirmed around and Danny changed voices in to a bit of a childish, whiny character and said, 'What's Vote for the Worst?' Matt then chimed in, 'no they're mean.' I said true but at times they can be funny to which he replied, 'not to us!'"

The recession isn't hurting the Idol tour at the box office, notes USA Today. The tour is selling 82% of its tickets and has grossed $11.2 million so far. Billboard notes that in general in the industry, 40% of concert tickets go unsold, so the Idols are doing exceptionally well in comparison.

Chris Daughtry talks to the Edmonton Sun about songwriting collaborations with Chad Kroeger and Richard Marx and how he and his band members are all family men and "surround ourselves with people on the road that are only going to benefit us, not put us in situations that could be compromising, and we all respect that. We all respect each other. And we kind of keep each other accountable on the road because we do have our wives and kids at home. And that's what's most important to us." He also talks about Idol in a smaller separate article. For those who assumed he hated Adam because he was rooting for Kris, think again. Here's what he says about Kradison: "I think in general the contestants this year were very interesting, visually, and talent-wise, there was a huge variety. Allison (Iraheta), your rocker chick; Kris, who was kind of like The Fray-kind of rock; and then you got Adam. I think he's extremely talented and I don't think I've ever heard anybody sing like that guy that wasn't a female. His range is through the roof. He hits notes that every singer wishes they could hit."

David Cook is featured in the Charleston Gazette, who manages to quote him ONLY on Idol stuff. Sigh. At what point does he get to just be David Cook, singer?

Taylor Hicks talks to the St. Petersburg Times about Grease and his career, saying, "This is a marathon, not a sprint, as far as I'm concerned. I'm just at the beginning of the marathon." He must be a slow runner.

OK Magazine recaps an interview Kelly Clarkson did with Sirius XM's The Morning Mashup. Kelly said that she's not dating anyone and that she and her backup singers don't mean guys because they're constantly around married men and always working. "So I don't even know how I'm ever going to meet anyone, unless they're a mic tech or a guitar tech," she said. Kelly's not looking to date a celebrity, saying, "I'd rather have someone that's, I don't know, an accountant." She also said that Paula Abdul is "totally probably going to come back" (lol)

Former LA Times Idol reporter and new Gawker West Coast Editor Richard Rushfield said in an interview with VFTW Radio that he found out that Danny Gokey and Michael Sarver quietly and without fanfare volunteered a few days a week at homeless shelters throughout the whole Idol season. That's pretty awesome.

Other highlights:
- During dress rehearsal of the finale last year, Amanda Overmyer mimed shooting herself in one of the group numbers.
- He said the only way a girl can win Idol ever again is if she's perky and not edgy like Jordin Sparks. He blames it on the tween girls, or, as he calls them "these monsters", and their texting.
- He called Constantine Maroulis "the douchiest Idol I've ever dealt with". At last year's Top 12 party, Constantine had a run-in with one of Rushfield's young colleagues at the Times. Constantine had read something slightly negative that Rushfield had written (and it wasn't even that bad), and when he encountered that LA Times girl at the party and saw who she worked for, he went on a big rant about Rushfield and said "Don't worry, my fans are going to get him for that." And then, as Rushfield said, Constantine said to her (paraphrasing) "you're pretty cute but what makes you think you can be a reporter?" After she wrote about this encounter, he called her the next day and left a 20-minute voice message to apologize but basically repeated all the same douchey things he said to her originally.

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