Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Idol News Roundup - 8/10/09

(Ignore the time/date of this post and how it doesn't correlate with the date on the title. Got really busy ... And I feel like showing Megan Joy some love, so her story goes first today!)

The DC Concerts Examiner posted an interview with Megan last week that I missed. Megan name-checked some bands and artists she is influenced by and likes listening to (Amy Winehouse, Adele for the former and the Used, Portishead, and Thrice for the latter).

The Examiner also had an interview with Lil Rounds, where she talked about what the girls do on the bus ("watch movies, joke around, chill, come up with raps, get on the computer, talk on the phone, and go to sleep".)

Side note, I don't know how this particular "media" entity got credentials for press access. Where are the standards?! Although, to be fair, the writer actually did write journalistic pieces and a fair review of the concert, so she seems to be more legit than the usual Examiner b.s.

MSNBC writes a review of the Idol concert (not sure which one; I'm going to guess DC) and says that Kradison shines. And to counteract the utter crap the New York Times wrote yesterday, I'm going to post what the MSNBC reviewer wrote about Kris Allen:

Coming after a presentation as spectacular (in "spectacle" sense) as Lambert's, it would be easy for the actual winner to fall pancake-flat, but he doesn't. Instead, the grandiosity of the Lambert set makes the relative intimacy of the Allen set work better. They're so different that they don't suffer from comparisons. No, Kris Allen can't sing "Fashion" while stroking his own face with polished nails, but Adam Lambert couldn't sit at a piano and pull off Allen's affecting "Ain't No Sunshine."

Kris Allen, for all that he seems like a safe, slow-pitch alternative to the Adam Lambert knuckleball, is a solid musician and an amiable, charismatic performer. He moves easily on stage, with a sort of coffeehouse friendliness that doesn't shake rafters, but has its own appealing warmth. Guys like this may not get on the cover of Rolling Stone as easily as Adam Lambert, but guys like this sell records.

Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta answer questions with E! Online. Adam talks a little more about the shrieking fans: "Every night is such a big event. You have tons of people who are super-excited and passionate, which feels incredible. But at some point, I can only give so much and have enough energy to go out the next day. It really is draining. I'm not complaining about it at all, but it really is. There's a point where you're like, "Wow, I'm exhausted right now. I just gave a show. I met like 200 people and took pictures with everybody. And now I'm out signing autographs and people are, like, screaming insanely." It feels great, but yeah, it takes a chunk out of you."

Adam tells the Toronto Star that he is "trying to be a singer, not a civil-rights leader".

Part 3 of the LA Times' Ultimate Adam Lambert interview talks about how Adam falling in love for the first time at age 25 changed everything for him, not only from a personal standpoint but from a professional one. Adam also says, "I wouldn’t have done what I did on the show had it not been for what I’ve gone through and my experiences in my life and what age I’m at. I wouldn’t have been that confident. I would have been second guessing myself. I would have been really busy people-pleasing as opposed to just doing what I do. It was meant to be now."

Reality TV Suite 101 takes a look at Kris Allen and Jeanine Mason's parallel paths to victory on Idol and SYTYCD, respectively.

Paula Abdul is being courted by Dancing with the Stars, but if Mark Ballas had his way, he'd say nay to having her as a judge.

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