Thursday, August 13, 2009

Idol Interviews In TC Magazine

TC Magazine has interviews with Kris Allen, Allison Iraheta, Anoop Desai, Michael Sarver and Scott MacIntyre.

Kris said that he was "a little scared" before his hometown concert in Arkansas and that he's had a voice in the album-making process. "I feel like they really trust me and respect me, which is good," he said. Before his set at the end of each show, he says he's "just maybe making some phone calls — calling [my wife] Katy or calling friends. I might be listening to music or playing my guitar. I have a lot of downtime because I am on for only like 25 minutes, and the show is three hours long. Sometimes I take naps…very needed naps."

Allison is collaborating on songs and hopes to finish the record before the tour ends (whoah). Talking about her past writing experiences, she said, "I would always write songs for myself. I remember starting writing like a couple songs. It was like, (sings) 'I’m in my room writing a song about you.' It was really bad. But I just kept practicing and practicing and kept writing my own songs. And now even collaborating is so much easier because you’re collaborating with top people." On top of writing, recording and touring, she's also doing schoolwork to try to finish up high school.

Anoop talks about entitled fans (this interview took place well before Adam's Twitter rant to entitled fans) and how much he hates people grabbing him during meet and greets. He also gives a lot of credit to the vocal coaches and not so much the judges for his progress, saying, "But in terms of personal growth and musical growth, it had a lot more to do with behind-the-scenes stuff."

Sarver has a nice interview where he gives the fans a huge shout-out, talks about how he came to decide to do a country album, and admits that one thing he learned about himself on the show was that he was narrow-minded. He said, "But the most painful thing I learned was just how narrow-minded I was as a person. That’s really hard to admit, but it’s true. I didn’t get out much growing up. I was pretty much in one place, and that’s pretty much the South. I never went any farther than that. I traveled around but not for any long distance or time. I came to 'American Idol' seeing so many different things, and I’ve grown as a person and learned so much. My mind is opened up."

The big OMFG moment in this series of interviews comes from Scott, who says "I’m kind of the lone serious songwriter of this season. Some people dabble in it, some people do it more than others, but I’ve actually taken it as seriously as I take my artistry." Oh no you di'nt! First of all, Sarver has written over 900 songs. Second of all, Kris wrote all the songs on his pre-Idol album and is writing and co-writing his upcoming album. And Matt Giraud wrote on his pre-Idol albums. And somehow Scott is the LONE serious songwriter? Um, WUT?! You know, the more interviews he does (and he's bragged about being the only one to do press every single day), the less I want to hear from him. There's another one that I'll be putting up in the news roundup a little later that made me roll my eyes.

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