Monday, August 31, 2009

Idol Interviews From Milwaukee's KISS-FM

Some hilarious interviews from Milwaukee radio station 103.7 KISS-FM.

Kris Allen shares a funny Danny Gokey story. Danny sweats a lot and has a hairy back (earlier in the interview, he called Danny a "hairy beast"), so after his set, the Idols play rorshach tests with Danny's red shirt. They've seen the butterfly in his sweat pattern. LOL. At the beginning of the interview, Danny laughs about going to hometown shows and having fans yell for other guys (happened to Danny with Kris in Milwaukee and to Matt with Danny and Anoop in Detroit). Kris said that at his concert, someone asked him if he's from here.

Best part, though, is at 1:40, when Kris goes, "You know what? I won. Screw everyone else. Losers." He was joking, of course, but it's always fun to hear him own it.

Kris also talked a little about his album, saying it's going to be "a little bit like we did on the show. A little bit more mainstream. I would say the pop/rock genre. We've got some good stuff lined up." And, even though Ryan Tedder called him "the other guy", Kris was quick to stand up for him when the DJ said that no one knows what the lead singer of One Republic's name is, saying, "His name is Ryan Tedder, and he's actually incredible. Everything you hear on the radio right now is a lot of it is Ryan Tedder. Just throwing that out there."

Danny Gokey plays coy about his record label announcement and jokes about releasing a rap album and also about bro-mances.

Matt Giraud says he wants to go for a "soulful rock" sound, and then the DJs start joking with him about Twitter and Danny's apparent mancrush on Matt. Danny further fuels things by saying they not only share the same bus but the same bunk, prompting one of the DJs to call it the Brokeback Tour. Matt's Danny dirt is that Danny's a germaphobe and that he takes his shirt off when he gets a haircut.

Lil Rounds talked about how the judges contradicted themselves a lot and confused her. The DJs asked her how sucky it was for her to sing country music, but Lil gave it up for country music and its story-telling ability. She said she really listened to the music and connected with it.

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