Monday, August 31, 2009

Herald-Dispatch Idol Interviews

Columbus comes through with more gems from the press junket. This was the same day that the awesome Maxwell's House interviews took place. Herald-Dispatch Idol Chit-Chat blogger Angela Henderson and Kris Allen engaged in a little bit of psycho-babble during which Kris called himself "nuts" and both himself and Angela "not normal."

A: When you’re recording and on the tour at the same time, you probably wouldn’t mind cloning yourself.

K: Maybe. That’d be nice. I don’t wanna make me though. I don’t think the world could deal with two of me. I couldn’t deal with two of me. I’m nuts.

A: You’re nuts?

K: Yeah. I know I don’t seem it, but I really am.

A: Now, you’ve got to expand on that. What do you mean by that?

K: I’m not normal.

A: Okay.

K: But who is? Are you normal?

A: No.

K: There we go. You don’t seem like a normal person.

A: Thanks, Kris, I appreciate that.

K: It’s a compliment, I promise. Because what is normal? Normal’s not cool. Normal’s boring. People would say I’m boring, though.

A: See, I don’t believe that.

K: Until you get to know me. And I feel like we’ve gotten to know each other.

Also in that interview, Kris talked about the crowd at the Little Rock show, the album and songwriting, and how sad it's going to be when the tour ends and they all go their separate ways ("We were like, we’re going to have to do dinner together like every month").

Matt Giraud also talked about Kris' homecoming concert, calling it one of his favorite moments on the tour. "It was such a cool moment because Kris was my roommate in Hollywood Week. So all the way from the top 150 to the Top 13 we were roommates, going through that together. So to watch him go out there and just stand there and the crowd scream at the top of their lungs like three, four minutes straight, and all of us were just standing there like, [makes crying noise], this is so emotional. That was a cool moment. I’ll never forget that. I don’t know if I ever told him that, but I’ll never forget that." Matt also talked about being pranked on stage (I think by the band): "They velcroed my fedora to the piano the other night. Usually in ‘Georgia [On My Mind],’ I’m like, ‘[sings] Georgia. Here’s a little somethin’ for the fans,’ and I’m like [motions like he’s struggling to remove the hat], I mean stuff is just happening and it’s getting out of control."

Danny Gokey said that the one thing he wants people to know about him is that he's real. "I’m just a real person. And I go through things like everyone else goes through things and I’m a compassionate person and I hope people see that the charitable side of me is not to get a pat on the back, but it’s how I was raised. It’s not about me it’s about people getting together to do something collectively better as a whole."

Scott MacInytre said his favorite moment on tour is "a toss-up between late night conversations with the other Idols and you really get to know each other well or meeting the fans outside." He also joked about pranking Matt in the future during their dueling pianos segment, saying, "one of these days I’m just going to take my fedora and chuck it across the piano and start a little [laughs]…"

Megan Joy says she has TV shows "in the works" and is also going to model and start a band. She also talked about her tattoo and the meaning behind it: "It’s my castle. It’s my fairytale in stained glass in the windows. There’s me and Prince Charming isn’t colored, because I don’t know who he is yet. Cheesy, but this is how I live. Then my mom, my brother and my son and my dad. Classic stained glass because I love it."

The newspaper also published a summary of the interviews that you can read here.

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