Monday, August 17, 2009

Dancing/Singing Doubleheader On MTV

I watched America's Best Dance Crew and P. Diddy's Starmaker back-to-back on MTV tonight. Um, yeah. That ain't ever happening again. Starmaker is so not worth going back to. It's pure straight-up karaoke. It's set up kind of like Rock Star, where it's kind of half reality show/half performance show. Except that the performers on Rock Star were amazing and actually tried to make songs their own, and these people ... not so much.

Let me get to ABDC first. I'm not feeling this season yet. No one is really bringing it in the choreography department. No one is blowing me away. Rhythm City was my favorite last week. This week, they were just okay. Their concept was cool and interesting, but their dancing was not very exciting to me. You can usually count on the b-boys to bring some excitement, but Massive Monkees had a couple of really rad moves (hula hoop jump both through and over the hoop at the same time), but the actual dancing was rather elementary, as JC Chasez said. Southern Movement nearly killed their female dancer with a basket toss at the end that nearly went tragic. Beat Ya Feet Kings had some great footwork but nothing else was too original.

Only three groups really caught my eye this week - We Are Heroes, Vogue Evolution and Afroborike. We Are Heroes did strobing and had some ridiculous end poses. Vogue Evolution's transgendered dancer Leiomy ... man, that bitch tore it up! She out-Beyonce'd Beyonce. Amazing. Afroborike was in the bottom two but completely danced their way out of it with some hot salsa moves.

So that left Artistry In Motion as the odd crew out. And boy did they not take it well. Tears, tears, and more tears and barely any congrats towards Afroborike. It was uncomfortable.

These crews need to step it up if they want to hold my attention. Something on par with this would be nice - Quest Crew at Monsters of Hip-Hop this weekend. A lot of it was done on ABDC but stepped up a notch.

Right after this show was P. Diddy's Starmaker, which was right on par with ABC's ill-fated attempt at Idol - One (which had Kara DioGuardi as a judge and Syesha Mercado as a contestant). Kimberly Caldwell is the host of this show, and she's not bad, but her voice is grating. She's no Seacrest, though, that's for sure. So these contestants basically went up there and went karaoke on the audience. Except for the big guy who R&B'd "Buy You A Drank".

The "highlights" for me (which in this case means the acts I really laughed/cringed at) included one girl who thought singing the Pussycat Dolls' "Don'tcha" would be a good idea (she got the boot); one guy thinking it would be a good idea to karaoke "Forever" by Chris Brown, which is about 10 years too young for him ... and it's Chris Brown; and two guys singing Coldplay. Those guys were both terrible. One did "Clocks", and he's like classically trained or something, but his voice! Whack! The other guy did "Viva La Vida", and I wanted to send a virtual hug to Matt Giraud and tell him I'm sorry for ever criticizing what he did to that song on Idol because this guy was sooooooooo bad and so hammy and SOOOOOO goat-y. He got eliminated. Thank goodness.

The best things about this show are the reactions of the contestants as others are singing (especially the band performances) and the judges. One of the judges said to the girl who got eliminated, "Why would you drop out of college?!" LOL. Word.

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Kimberwyn said...

Im with you, Im not feeling anyone on ABDC this year. I loved last season, but I couldnt get into season 2 at all. This year doesnt seem to be as bad as S2 but still it's pretty meh.

And Starmaker ....oooh boy. Honestly, I think the talent is better on this show than the "talent" that was on The One. But that doesnt say much really. That girl who sang PCD had me rolling! Omg she had one bug eyed stare through the whole thing. Lol.