Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Chris Daughtry In Disguise At Comic-Con Video

When did Chris Daughtry get funny? This video of Chris and bandmate Joey Barnes dressing up for Comic-Con as Batman and Cat Whoa-Man, respectively, and joining the masses is pretty hysterical. Chris says, "As soon as you put the Batman mask on, you turn into ... kind of a tool." I've been to Comic-Con, and Chris' costume is totally LIGHTWEIGHT and nothing compared to what a lot of people wear over there!

Chris went unrecognized and even got people asking for his autograph and photos. As Batman. Funny thing is that he could have gone in without a mask and not have been recognized by over half the people there. Lots of these Comic-Con people just aren't into American Idol and/or rock music. If he was in Twilight, on the other hand ...

Here's the video, complete with old-school special effects noises:

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