Sunday, August 09, 2009

Another SYTYCD'er Turns Up On ABDC

So You Think You Can Dance Season 2 finalist Donyelle Jones is the latest to try her luck at America's Best Dance Crew, dancing with her crew Artistry In Motion. Last season, three SYTYCDers were in the winning crew Quest Crew - Hok and Dominic from Season 3 and Ryan from Season 1 - and clogger Brandon Norris, who gained some notoriety during the Season 3 auditions, made the Top 5 with Dynamic Edition.

Donyelle's crew had a good showing with some nice choreography and made it to the next round, but the odds are stacked against them. No crew with even a single woman in it, let alone a whole crew of women, has ever won. They are from the West Coast, though, so they do have that advantage. East Coast crews for whatever reason haven't been able to get it done.

But this might be the year for both trends to end. The standout crew to me tonight was Rhythm City, a hip-hop crew from the Bronx. They were so bomb. They used every bit of the stage and were in constant motion throughout every beat of the song. They have two women in the crew, and they were killing it just as much as the guys were.

ABDC wouldn't be ABDC without some b-boys, and they are represented by Massive Monkees out of Seattle. They had some outstanding tricks, but to me, they're not at the level of Quest Crew or SuperCr3w. Some of their tricks looked a little sloppy to me. If they clean it up, though, they could be very good.

They may have hit the bottom 3, but watch out for Southern Movement, a "hick hop" (LMAO) crew from Nashville. They incorporated some country moves into their hip-hop dance but made it work without looking too hokey. They were the cleanest crew on the night, and I really liked their tutting section.

We Are Heroes, an all-female pop/lock crew from LA, was also really clean and tight. They did this one section where they were all bent backwards that was just sick.

Vogue Evolution from New York City will probably stay in the game a little while just because they're different. They are a vogue crew with some gay men and a transgendered woman. They're very good at what they do, and they're fierce as hell, but it's way too campy for my taste. I was rolling my eyes at Lil Mama (shocker!) when she was talking in fag-hag speak the whole time. Oh brother.

Beat Ya Feet Kings from Washington DC brought a new style into the game, with some insane footwork and an awesome ending with one guy sliding on his hat, but it unjustly landed them in the bottom 3. I say unjustly because the other crew they were up against was AfroBorike, a Las Vegas Crew of Latin dancers who were WAY sloppy and disjointed. I kept seeing the girls mess up, but none of the judges called them out on it.

The third group in the bottom was Fr3sh, an Asian-American hip-hop crew from New Jersey. They came in saying they didn't want to be known as a 2nd rate version of Kaba Modern or So Real Cru. Well, they weren't. They were more like a 3rd rate version. Actually, I shouldn't really say that because they're nothing like those two crews. Fr3sh's style of hip-hop is harder and dirtier, but they have nothing about them that makes them pop and no hook, outside of the use of aerosol cans, and ultimately, they ended up being the first crew cut.

Next week - Beyonce music!

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