Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Adam Lambert Supports DonorsChoose.org

In lieu of 4-feet tall inflatable kangaroos, Adam Lambert would like his fans to redirect their gifting in a more useful way, towards his charity of choice, DonorsChoose.org, which provides money to classrooms in need.

DonorsChoose.org posted a video on YouTube of Adam talking about the cause (and nearly ruined the video with its editing. Just let the man talk! The cuts are sooooooo unnecessary):

And not to be crass or anything (honestly), this fan contest thing where the fan group that donates the most money wins an exclusive online chat session with Adam ... it's a pretty savvy way to get people to donate more. Idol fans are nothing if not competitive, even amongst each other!

Whatever the reason, helping edumacation is a good thing! So go Adam and fans!

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