Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Adam Lambert Regains Twitter Account, Posts Epic Kradam BubbleTweet

Adam Lambert finally regained his Twitter account after hackers took over, and he more than made up for lost time with two great BubbleTweets after Wednesday night's Idol concert in Baltimore.

The first BubbleTweet was to confirm that he is now legitimately back on Twitter. After Matt Giraud and Danny Gokey make some funny "hiiii" noises, Adam wryly says "This is my life" and makes a cute funny face.

The second BubbleTweet is epically Kradam. Adam and Kris Allen appear together, saying they're on a bus headed to New York City (saying "New York City" the way they do in the Pace picante commercials). Adam says he's tired, and Kris says, "Yeah, let's go to bed, Adam." After a pause, Kris looks at Adam and quietly says "Who's on top?". And the Kradam fanbase explodes.

Someone else on the bus goes, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!", and Adam says, "Yeah, you just did that". Kris makes a face and makes beeping noises as he walks out of the picture. OMG. They are too much. So much adorableness.

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