Sunday, August 09, 2009

Adam Lambert Calls Out Entitled Fans

Massive standing ovation to Mr. Adam Lambert for the following tweets he sent out tonight after the Idol concert in Newark:

Thank you Newark! Sorry I didn't make it outside to sign autographs... Had lots of ny friends and family inside I never see. Plus rain! :(

Hey guys. I have gotten a few negative messages about not signing autographs. Sorry If anyone is dissapointed.

I feel bad but please understand that I try to give you guys 110% on stage. Your ticket is to see us perform! Entitlement is not sexy...

I Loooooooooove and am deeply grateful to my fans who made idol a dream come true. I feel that I express that love in my performance.Thank u

Thanks to those of you who "get it" You guys are so rad. The messages were really thoughtful. A few of you need to quit being so negative.

Preach it, brotha! Stupid fantards who think that they are entitled to getting autographs after a show are delusional. I mean, god forbid the guy wants to spend time with his family and not go out in the rain to a screaming mob of crazies. JFC. Adam shouldn't have to apologize for that.

This autograph thing does not happen in real life. In real life, you go to a show, you listen to the show, and you go home. You don't expect to meet the people who are performing, or get their autograph. Does it say anything on your ticket about an autograph session? NO! Grrrr.

Idol really should do away with this whole after-show signing thing at the buses. It causes so much trouble, between people getting mad because someone doesn't come out and people leaving the show early to get a front row spot to see someone who doesn't always come out (although I do find the latter to be sweet karma, to be honest).

Must be something in the water, too, because Chris Daughtry tweeted this tonight:

Now I have to be blunt: Ladies, I love yall but when I reach out to grab your hands, DON'T try to take my wedding ring!!! And... DON'T claw me with your fingernails!!! Drawin blood every fun. Sorry but it had to be said

Wow. Good lord, people. WTF is wrong with you?!

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