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SYTYCD's Best Routines

On Wednesday at 8 pm, Fox is airing a one-hour special to showcase its 15 Best Routines Ever. Since I'm not sure how they are actually picking the dances here (Will there be group dances? Will there pick three dances per season? Will they pick dances they just showcased in the finale a few weeks ago?), I'm going to list here my own personal picks for the show, listed in chronological order.

Season 1 (0 picks)
I only saw like 2 or 3 episodes of Season 1, but I have seen a couple of dances on YouTube. I wouldn't put any of them in the Top 15, but since I'm sure they will include at least 2, I think it will be Destini-Jamile Hip-Hop and Melody-Nick Disco or Broadway.

Season 2 (3 picks)
My picks are Allison-Ivan Contemporary (song: "Why", choreographed by Tyce Diorio); Travis-Heidi Contemporary ("Calling You", Mia Michaels), aka the Bench Dance; and Benji-Heidi Mambo ("Black Mambo", Alex Da Silva).

Season 3 (4 picks)
This is when it starts to get difficult. I'd go with Lacey-Kameron Contemporary ("Dancing", Mia Michaels); Jaimie-Hok Jazz ("The Chairman's Waltz", Wade Robson), aka the Hummingbird Dance; Lacey-Danny Samba ("Hip Hip Chin Chin", Dmitry Chaplin & Heidi Groskreutz); and Sabra-Neil Jazz ("Sweet Dreams", Mandy Moore). I hated to leave off Lauren-Pasha's Transformer's Hip-Hop, but something had to go.

Season 4 (5 picks)
This was by far the hardest season to make cuts in. Season 4 had the most dances to choose from and was the best choreographed season. Had to go with Katee-Joshua Hip-Hop ("No Air", Tabitha & Napoleon); Chelsie-Mark Hip-Hop ("Bleeding Love", Tabitha & Napoleon); Jessica-Will Contemporary ("Silence", Tyce Diorio); Katee-Joshua Bollywood ("Dhoom Taana", Nakul Dev Mahajan); and Comfort-Twitch Hip-Hop ("Forever", Dave Scott).

Season 5 (3 picks)
The true standouts for me were Kayla-Kupono Contemporary ("Gravity", Mia Michaels); Janette-Brandon Argentine Tango ("Libertango", Miriam Larici & Leonardo Barrionuevo); Jeanine-Jason Contemporary ("If It Kills Me", Travis Wall). Jeanine-Brandon's Paso Doble and Janette-Brandon's burglar routine are also right up there but just barely missed the cut.

Based on comments I've seen from Nigel and others, I fully expect the Melissa-Ade cancer dance and the Katee-Twitch door dance to be included.

Prior to the finale, Entertainment Weekly made a list of its 15 Greatest Routines. I picked almost all of these as well. And I might just agree with their No. 1. That routine just got to me.

EW 15 Greatest Routines

1. Katee-Joshua Hip-Hop ("No Air")
2. Travis-Heidi Contemporary (bench routine)
3. Sabra-Neil Jazz ("Sweet Dreams")
4. Benji-Heidi Mambo ("Black Mambo")
5. Kayla-Kupono Contemporary ("Gravity")
6. Allison-Ivan Contemporary ("Why")
7. Lacey-Danny Samba ("Hip Hip Chin Chin")
8. Chelsie-Mark Hip-Hop ("Bleeding Love")
9. Janette-Brandon Jazz (Wade Robson burglar routine)
10. Jaimie-Hok Jazz (hummingbird dance)
11. Katee-Joshua Bollywood
12. Nick-Melody Broadway
13. Travis-Benji Hip-Hop (Tranji!)
14. Lacey-Kameron Contemporary ("Dancing")
15. Sara-Pasha West Coast Swing

Idol News Roundup - 8/31/09

Brooke White has a pair of video interviews - with MTV Buzzworthy's The 5 and Yahoo Music's Reality Rocks. In The 5, Brooke reveals that she just started playing guitar with a pick two weeks ago and is scared of escalators. The Yahoo interview is very lengthy (with part 2 coming tomorrow), and there's a lot of talk about playing instruments on the show, plus going indie.

MTV News talks about the influx of Idol albums (possibly five) dropping in November.

Carrie Underwood is one of those five, and Tulsa World has an article about her upcoming release.

Carrie's Season 4 BFF Anthony Fedorov will star in Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in Seattle from Oct. 10-Nov. 1.

Daughtry will participate in the Andre Agassi Foundation 2009 Grand Slam for Children benefit concert on Sept. 26 at the Wynn in Las Vegas. Also performing are Dane Cook, Brian McKnight and Tim McGraw. No word yet on if Chris Daughtry and Dane Cook will reprise their Growing Pains duet.

The Grand Forks Herald reviewed David Cook's concert in Fargo. The reviewer described Cook as "just a guy who fell into fame. Not a celebrity seeker obsessed with the man in the mirror. Unlike some of his 'Idol' peers, Cook just seems obsessed with the music." Hmm, wonder if he is specifically alluding to someone ...

This article about Cook's concert in South Dakota will no doubt end up on Idletard since it talks about 82 year-old fans and a fan who came from New Jersey to watch the show.

Jordin Sparks got a brief but good review in the Ottawa Citizen after opening for the Jonas Brothers. The review said she "gave a dynamic performance during her opening set, impressing parents in the crowd with her incredible, multi-octave voice and Tina Turner-style charisma."

Paula Abdul talks exclusively with TV Guide Magazine about why she did not return to Idol. Paula says that she "had to stand on my principle" and that leaving was not about the money. She said, "It's never...I stand on principle where many people stand on money. I'm a hard-working artist. I've lasted in this business for 23 years. And you can't do that unless you are good at what you do. I believe in myself and you have to have your own self respect. And sometimes decisions are very difficult to make, but I've always believed that at the core I'm a survivor. There's not one thing I've done that I've really set my mind to that I've failed at."

Katy Perry talks to E! Online about her upcoming guest judge gig on Idol. She claims she's going to tell it like it is. "I don't want to break their hearts, but how many of us know that one person that has been trying and trying, and doing karaoke and little gigs here and there at, like, an open mic. And nobody has told them they can't sing in pitch—for, like, 15 years. You're like, 'Somebody needs to say something' and unfortunately, I might be that gal to tell you the truth."

Idol Tour Reviews - Kansas City

The Kansas City Star has an outstanding review for Adam Lambert, a good one for Allison Iraheta, and ... well, the fans of the others probably shouldn't read on.

Here's what the reviewer had to say about Adam: "Not only was Adam Lambert the clear crowd favorite, he was easily the night’s most substantial artist. He isn’t merely good by the often dubious standards of 'American Idol.' Lambert’s imaginative interpretations of unlikely material were brilliant. His powerful voice seemed to shake the rafters during Led Zeppelin’s 'Whole Lotta Love.'"

And Allison: "The hellacious screech of impish Allison Iraheta, 17, can also envelope an arena. Her bluesy duet with Lambert on Foghat’s 'Slow Ride' was excellent. Iraheta’s vicious readings of Pink’s 'So What,' the Janis Joplin version of 'Cry Baby' and Heart’s 'Barracuda' were also entirely convincing. Just as important, she brought a carefree sense of fun that was otherwise largely absent Sunday."

I strongly disagree with that last line. There isn't one person in the Top 10 who doesn't convey a sense of fun in their set. The concert is nothing if not fun.

SYTYCD Dance Marathon Sept. 2

So You Think You Can Dance fans in the Los Angeles area can hang with the Season 5 Top 10 on Wednesday, Sept. 2 at the "So You Think You Can Dance" L.A. dance marathon at Hollywood & Highland. The event takes place from 2-6 pm, and participants will have a chance to win prizes such as tickets and backstage passes to the LA tour stop, and a Wii game console.

Visit the Power 106 website to register.

Adam Lambert, Allison Iraheta Talk Albums With

Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta talked with about how their albums are shaping up.

Adam said his album "has elements of rock, of course, but it has a lot of pop sensibilities to it. It's really current, really fresh and yet still melodically and vocally it's nodding to the '70s and '80s classics. I know I got most of my credibility on 'Idol' doing those songs from those eras, and it wouldn't make sense for me to do an album that runs away from it."

Allison says hers will "definitely have that rock sound to it. It'll be fun, and there's gonna be some deep stuff, too -- like, lyrics about what can possibly be happening to other people in the world right now that I've gone through myself, but also melodically, just some good, slow rock ballads."

Allison says she doesn't feel as much pressure as Adam and Kris Allen have in terms of expectations, while Adam admits that he does feel it. "There's a lot of hype," he said. "I've been fortunate enough to have a lot of attention, which is a great thing for somebody in my position, with an album coming out. I think people are going to like what they hear. I hope they do, at least."

Neither have announced a release date yet, despite what the NY Daily News has reported, but all indications are that they will release their albums before Thanksgiving. I'm going to guess that Allison will come out before Kris' announced Nov. 17 release date, while Adam will most likely release the week after on Nov. 24.

Idol Interviews From Milwaukee's KISS-FM

Some hilarious interviews from Milwaukee radio station 103.7 KISS-FM.

Kris Allen shares a funny Danny Gokey story. Danny sweats a lot and has a hairy back (earlier in the interview, he called Danny a "hairy beast"), so after his set, the Idols play rorshach tests with Danny's red shirt. They've seen the butterfly in his sweat pattern. LOL. At the beginning of the interview, Danny laughs about going to hometown shows and having fans yell for other guys (happened to Danny with Kris in Milwaukee and to Matt with Danny and Anoop in Detroit). Kris said that at his concert, someone asked him if he's from here.

Best part, though, is at 1:40, when Kris goes, "You know what? I won. Screw everyone else. Losers." He was joking, of course, but it's always fun to hear him own it.

Kris also talked a little about his album, saying it's going to be "a little bit like we did on the show. A little bit more mainstream. I would say the pop/rock genre. We've got some good stuff lined up." And, even though Ryan Tedder called him "the other guy", Kris was quick to stand up for him when the DJ said that no one knows what the lead singer of One Republic's name is, saying, "His name is Ryan Tedder, and he's actually incredible. Everything you hear on the radio right now is a lot of it is Ryan Tedder. Just throwing that out there."

Danny Gokey plays coy about his record label announcement and jokes about releasing a rap album and also about bro-mances.

Matt Giraud says he wants to go for a "soulful rock" sound, and then the DJs start joking with him about Twitter and Danny's apparent mancrush on Matt. Danny further fuels things by saying they not only share the same bus but the same bunk, prompting one of the DJs to call it the Brokeback Tour. Matt's Danny dirt is that Danny's a germaphobe and that he takes his shirt off when he gets a haircut.

Lil Rounds talked about how the judges contradicted themselves a lot and confused her. The DJs asked her how sucky it was for her to sing country music, but Lil gave it up for country music and its story-telling ability. She said she really listened to the music and connected with it.

Herald-Dispatch Idol Interviews

Columbus comes through with more gems from the press junket. This was the same day that the awesome Maxwell's House interviews took place. Herald-Dispatch Idol Chit-Chat blogger Angela Henderson and Kris Allen engaged in a little bit of psycho-babble during which Kris called himself "nuts" and both himself and Angela "not normal."

A: When you’re recording and on the tour at the same time, you probably wouldn’t mind cloning yourself.

K: Maybe. That’d be nice. I don’t wanna make me though. I don’t think the world could deal with two of me. I couldn’t deal with two of me. I’m nuts.

A: You’re nuts?

K: Yeah. I know I don’t seem it, but I really am.

A: Now, you’ve got to expand on that. What do you mean by that?

K: I’m not normal.

A: Okay.

K: But who is? Are you normal?

A: No.

K: There we go. You don’t seem like a normal person.

A: Thanks, Kris, I appreciate that.

K: It’s a compliment, I promise. Because what is normal? Normal’s not cool. Normal’s boring. People would say I’m boring, though.

A: See, I don’t believe that.

K: Until you get to know me. And I feel like we’ve gotten to know each other.

Also in that interview, Kris talked about the crowd at the Little Rock show, the album and songwriting, and how sad it's going to be when the tour ends and they all go their separate ways ("We were like, we’re going to have to do dinner together like every month").

Matt Giraud also talked about Kris' homecoming concert, calling it one of his favorite moments on the tour. "It was such a cool moment because Kris was my roommate in Hollywood Week. So all the way from the top 150 to the Top 13 we were roommates, going through that together. So to watch him go out there and just stand there and the crowd scream at the top of their lungs like three, four minutes straight, and all of us were just standing there like, [makes crying noise], this is so emotional. That was a cool moment. I’ll never forget that. I don’t know if I ever told him that, but I’ll never forget that." Matt also talked about being pranked on stage (I think by the band): "They velcroed my fedora to the piano the other night. Usually in ‘Georgia [On My Mind],’ I’m like, ‘[sings] Georgia. Here’s a little somethin’ for the fans,’ and I’m like [motions like he’s struggling to remove the hat], I mean stuff is just happening and it’s getting out of control."

Danny Gokey said that the one thing he wants people to know about him is that he's real. "I’m just a real person. And I go through things like everyone else goes through things and I’m a compassionate person and I hope people see that the charitable side of me is not to get a pat on the back, but it’s how I was raised. It’s not about me it’s about people getting together to do something collectively better as a whole."

Scott MacInytre said his favorite moment on tour is "a toss-up between late night conversations with the other Idols and you really get to know each other well or meeting the fans outside." He also joked about pranking Matt in the future during their dueling pianos segment, saying, "one of these days I’m just going to take my fedora and chuck it across the piano and start a little [laughs]…"

Megan Joy says she has TV shows "in the works" and is also going to model and start a band. She also talked about her tattoo and the meaning behind it: "It’s my castle. It’s my fairytale in stained glass in the windows. There’s me and Prince Charming isn’t colored, because I don’t know who he is yet. Cheesy, but this is how I live. Then my mom, my brother and my son and my dad. Classic stained glass because I love it."

The newspaper also published a summary of the interviews that you can read here.

Video Of The Day - Katharine McPhee Shows Blond Ambition

I've been pretty critical of Katharine McPhee's new blonde hairdo, but in this AP video interview from the shoot of her music video for "Had It All", it looks WAYYYYYYYYY better. And actually really cute. She kind of looks like Victoria Beckham in that shot at the end.

Carrie Underwood Album Cover

Here's a look at the album cover for Carrie Underwood's upcoming CD, Play On, courtesy USA Today's Idol Chatter. The CD drops on Nov. 3 and is produced by Mark Bright.

Carrie's debut album Some Hearts sold 315,000 copies in its first week and went on to be certified 7x platinum. Her second CD, Carnival Ride, sold 527,000 copies in its first week and went double platinum.

It's another nice album cover for Carrie, a rarity in Idol-land at times! Although I probably would've done without the daisy in her hair and maybe put her in something brighter.

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Idol News Roundup - 8/29-30

Some pre-show interviews and highlights from the St. Louis concert on the Fox St. Louis website.

Kelly Clarkson had to cancel her Minnesota State Fair concert just two hours before it was scheduled to start due to voice-related problems, report the Minnesota Star Tribune and Pioneer Press. Kelly did a sound check in the afternoon but after consulting with a doctor made the decision to cancel her performance.

Video interview with David Cook on Chicago Now.

Melinda Doolittle talks with Tulsa World about singing the national anthem at her alma mater Union High.

Elliott Yamin was profiled in the Queens College Knight News.

Idol Tour Reviews - Milwaukee/St. Louis

Friday's Milwaukee concert was all about hometown boy Danny Gokey. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel described how the hometown crowd showed their love, saying "this crowd had eyes only for Gokey. Even the sight of Milwaukee native Danny Gokey on screens showing Ford-sponsored videos caused a frantic response. They were just plain twitchy when it came to Gokey." The paper also noted that the crowd was "just about as excited to see Adam Lambert." Kris Allen's set was described as "energetic", and Allison Iraheta was "fearless" on "So What."

The reviewer for the St. Louis Post Dispatch still finds it unfathomable that Adam lost to Kris on Idol. Psst ... the show ended three months ago. Most people have moved on by now.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Adam Lambert, David Cook - Regis & Kelly Web Exclusives

This may or may not be new, but I've certainly never seen it. These are web exclusives from Adam Lambert and David Cook's most recent visits to the Live With Regis & Kelly website.

In Adam's clip, his look-alike Art Moore goes out to the paparazzi and tries to fake them out.

Cook waits around backstage in his clip. Nothing too exciting, but he does pull some good faces.

Idol News Roundup - 8/28/09

(Man, you go computer-less for a day and all hell breaks loose!)

Adam Lambert told People Magazine he was about halfway done with his album, which he promises to be "quite eclectic". He also talks about the fundraising contest, saying about his fans, "They get really competitive with each other. I’m glad that we gave them something to fight over."

The Idols talked to the press in Milwaukee before Danny Gokey's hometown show. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel got some scoopage on the tour outfits. Danny does not like his combat boots that they are making him wear but doesn't want to complain because he's already on his second outfit after complaining about the original choice of white pants with a black stripe down the side. OMFG. That sounds heinous! We already know that Megan Joy isn't thrilled with her costume, and we can add her songs to the list of things she had no control over. The songs she suggested were shot down. "I don't get explanations," she said. :( Kris Allen was asked about any wacky costumes in the show, and he said, "Not me - Adam. Adam is very . . . he has this jacket that's very dinosaur-like. Very Adam. It works for him." LOL! Matt Giraud said his pants are tight. Indeed they are. And the ladies aren't complaining, so hush!

Anoop Desai was featured in MTV News' The Tweet Beat again after he tweeted about journalists who keep asking him how much he liked Slumdog Millionaire. Host Jim Cantiello said that asking Anoop about Slumdog was like asking Adam Lambert if he loves Brokeback Mountain or Taylor Hicks if he loves Benjamin Button. LMAO.

Kelly Clarkson performed in Syracuse on Thursday. Reviews in the Post-Standard newspaper and Idol Thoughts blog.

The Waukegan News Sun and Chicago Tribune talked to Fantasia about her role in the Color Purple.

Carrie Underwood is doing a lot of charity work. She is doing a pair of breast cancer awareness shows at the Grand Ole Opry on Oct. 2. And she donated $117,000 worth of instruments to the Checotah public schools’ music program through her Checotah Animal, Town & Schools foundation. Tulsa World, the Muskogee Phoenix, People Magazine and News on 6 were there for coverage, with the latter having video of Carrie's duet with a 5th grader.

Michael Johns was a guest on Salt Lake City's Fox 13 morning show and also had a really funny interview with B98.7's The Todd & Erin Morning Show.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Bo Bice and Ace Young will perform at the Jerry Lewis MDA telethon on Labor Day weekend and that Blake Lewis will be headlining the Atlanta Pride Festival on Nov. 1.

Neil Patrick Harris talked to Entertainment Weekly about his Idol judging stint (he said he "shattered dreams" and that Kara DioGuardi has now taken on Paula's more nurturing role) and also about bringing some So You Think You Can Dance into the Emmy's broadcast. Tabitha & Napoleon will be working with the show.

The power of an Adam Lambert recommendation is evident in the sudden rise in popularity of Cassidy Haley, whose video Adam tweeted a link to. The Houston Chronicle talked to Cassidy about the newfound fame.

Kris Allen KC Radio Interview With Andrew Cook

Andrew Cook, the younger brother of David Cook (or as Andrew called him to Kris Allen, "that dude ... the one who won before you"), had Kris as a guest on his Saturday radio show at Matt Giraud was also a guest, but I haven't seen any audio uploaded anywhere yet. If it surfaces, I'll post it.

(ETA: has now added download links to both interviews here)

I've listened to Andrew's show before. He's really quite entertaining, and he plays a lot of the music of his Idol friends. His taste of music outside of Idol is great also. He likes to crack on his brother a lot, and I think the show last week was what prompted their Twitter war. LOL. So check out Andrew's show - it airs Saturdays from 12-2 pm CT.

Part 1:

Part 2:
Kris tells the story about a woman at a meet-and-greet lifting up her shirt and bra and asking Kris to sign her nipple. o_O And Kris said he thinks his single is coming out in late September/early October.

Idol Interviews With Maxwell's House

HI-LARIOUS interview by Maxwell's House in Columbus with Kris Allen, Danny Gokey, Matt Giraud, Lil Rounds, Scott MacIntyre and an afro'd-up Megan Joy.

Check out the end where Maxwell tells Kris that he captured his soul but that Megan captured that special part of his heart. Kris had been looking down a few seconds earlier and then appeared to make a gesture pointing down while saying, "Heyyyy is that your heart?" LMAO. Yeah, he went there.

Kradison Video Q&A - Pt. 2

Here is another Q&A with Kris Allen, Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta from

LOL at Adam asking Kris and Allison what the craziest fan gift they've received was and Allison saying that should be a question they should be asking Adam. Kris starts laughing and Adam makes a face to the camera. Heh.

Kradison Elle Teaser

Elle magazine has produced a teaser video from Elle Magazine's photo shoot with Kris Allen, Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta. They will be in the December issue, which arrives on newsstands in November.

The extended version:

Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Kradison Video Q&A

Kradison (Kris Allen, Adam Lambert, Allison Iraheta) answered some fan questions from the road in a new video on the American Idol website.

Adam and Allison recreated their forgotten lyric moments on tour. Kris again said he doesn't wash his onstage concert clothes (I really, really hope he's just joking), and they all said "what's that?" when asked how much sleep they average on tour.

Idol News Roundup - 8/27/09

Danny Gokey was interviewed by When asked who he likes to listen to when he's not on stage, he said Matt Giraud's "Hard to Handle" and the group number that closes the first set. Yeah, Matt! That's two days in a row someone has written about another Idol liking his set. :) Danny has some nice words for the fans: "Sometimes I get lost for words because they made us who we are. I want to thank them by putting out good music. You put all this time into me and I want to give back with good music that you can relate to, music that touches your heart, and music that gets you going. That is my goal and I am thankful that you take out the time to support me. It means so much to me, I love you, I love everything you have done with me."

The DC Concert Examiner has its latest Q&A with Adam Lambert. He said that his worries about being locked into a deal with 19 were unfounded and that they "really do facilitate what we [he and Kris Allen] want to do. We have control over the material."

Somehow Kris Allen tweeting "Rainy day in gokeyland" became a blog post in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "When American Idol winner Kris Allen tweets, everybody reads. The gazillion responses are the electronic equivalent of screaming." LMAO. Slow news day?

The Argus Leader had a really good interview with David Cook that, contrary to a lot of what we've seen lately, is all about his music. Cook appears to have backed down a little bit on the Anthemic band name, saying, "Yeah, I'm really proud of this band and I'm really proud of what we've been able to do, so I want to give them a title. It's just a matter of the right name at the right time. We'll see."

Brooke White was on talking about her album and upcoming tour. The reporter (who I thought was really good and did his homework) brought up the lyric in her song "Hold Up My Heart" - "Why did you run away from me/Is it because I'm not as pretty as I used to be" - asking her "Is this from your life, or are you just imagining some other woman who has suddenly become un-pretty?" Brooke said a lot of people have asked her about that line. I've heard people talk about this line as well. It seems to have struck a chord.

David Archuleta posted a vlog from Alaska, where he is playing at the state fair tomorrow. He tweeted while he was uploading the video from his hotel room, saying he was having a hard time with the internet connection he paid for, so he went outside his room and found a better connection outside someone else's door. ROFL.

Broadway star Kristin Chenowith is the latest guest judge to join American Idol, reports People Magazine. She will be judging at this week's Orlando auditions. And now with her and Neil Patrick Harris as guest judges, I'd really like to see Simon try to pull the too-Broadway insult.

Kris Allen Album Scheduled For Nov. 17 Release

Kris Allen's major-label debut CD will be released on Nov. 17, he confirmed today. Here's the news straight from the horse's mouth, er TwitterFone:

Hey guys! The album is set to release Nov 17th.

Also apparently scheduled for release on that date are CDs from John Mayer, Leona Lewis, Jason Castro and Avril Lavigne. So there will be new releases on the same day from three guitar guys, plus three singers who got their breaks on reality shows. Interesting.

But hey, it's before Thanksgiving, so yay!

You can pre-order this CD at

Idol Tour Reviews - Detroit

The Oakland Press writes about Matt Giraud's homecoming moment, leading with "Adam rocked the house and Kris got arguably the loudest applause. But it was still Matt's moment when American Idols Live! dropped into town Wednesday night (Aug. 26) at the Palace." The review went on to say that the screams for Adam Lambert were "roof-raising" and that he was "the most poised and ready-for- prime-time -- at least on stage -- of this 'Idol' crew." Kris Allen was named "musically the most consistent act of the night," and despite having to follow Adam's "high-octane performance", Kris "kept the energy up with his opening couplet" of "Heartless" and "All These Things That I've Done" but that the crowd sat down en masse for the first time all night when he sang "Ain't No Sunshine". I am not sure why people sitting for a slow song is considered a fail on the performer's part. Especially near the end of a 3 hour concert. Plus, it's not like they sat down while he was singing something up-tempo. It's "Ain't No Sunshine" - it's slow.

The Detroit News was apparently at a different concert in the alternate universe he spoke of where Kris didn't win American Idol. That alternate universe appears to be a much happy and less bitchy place for him. Good lord, he was channeling Faye Dunaway in Mommie Dearest there with that hatchet job. "Tina, bring me the axe!"

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Idol News Roundup - 8/26/09

In Anoop Desai's Idolatry, he shows off his UNC Happy Feet and talks about his vision and what kind of music he wants to do (lyrical R&B), as well as his pending move to LA to continue to pursue the music biz in the best environment for him. He admits he's not comfortable writing on his own and wants to surround himself with people who he can work with. Anoop says his definition of success is to be the next Daughtry or Jennifer Hudson, "to really make it big."

Hometown boy Matt Giraud is featured in the Detroit News. Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta say some really nice things about him. Adam said, "I think he's even better than he was on the show. He's really comfortable up there (on stage); he's in his element. There's things he does with his voice where I'm like, 'how did he do that?'" Allison said Matt's set was her favorite on the tour and added "I'm surprised (record labels) haven't picked him up yet."

Scott MacIntyre is going to be the keynote speaker at an event for the Badger Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired in Milwaukee on Aug. 27.

A ton of different interviews from the Akron Beacon-Journal at the Cleveland press outing. This article talks to five of the Idols about the music they are listening to. There are also separate Q&As with Anoop Desai, Allison Iraheta, Michael Sarver, Adam Lambert and Scott MacIntyre. There was also an earlier feature on Danny Gokey that I never picked up.

Jordin Sparks and Jim Cantiello of MTV spent some time together as she droves to her third concert on the Britney Spears' Circus tour. Jordin has yet to meet Britney (that Britney - what a diva! haha) or watch her set, but she did note one thing about this tour that's different from the Jonas Brothers: they don't scream at any little thing like the JoBros fans do. She said, "It was a little intimidating, just because it's such a different crowd than the Jonas crowd. And you go to a Britney concert and it's all of her fans and they have grown up ... but if they scream, they're screaming 'cause they want to. They don't scream at just anything, so when I took that stage and I could hear a little bit through that they were excited and that I wasn't so out of place, it was awesome."

Jordin also talked about the VH1 Divas show in a separate MTV article, saying that she will be singing two songs and that she hopes there will be some collaborations on the show. "You know what? I would take 'Party in the U.S.A.' in a second," she said. "I would take it in a heartbeat. I love that song."

Whoah, Jordin is all over the news today. Here's another article on her from the Youngstown Vindicator. She has this to say about being attached to Idol: "I don’t really think there is a downside. I know there are people who would think so, but no, it will always be attached to my name. And I’m proud of it. I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything. It got me where I am."

Fantasia talks to the Windy City Times about her role in the Color Purple and her upcoming album and VH1 documentary. Fantasia is working with KP, Cee-Lo and Missy Elliott on the album.

David Archuleta has recorded a Christmas duet with Charice that is expected to come out in his October-released Christmas album.

Ryan Seacrest and Ben Stiller do a video where Stiller asks Seacrest to give him a shoutout on Twitter to help him get followers. Seacrest's response? "I don't even talk to anybody who has less than 900,000 followers." LMAO.

Idol Tour Reviews - Columbus

The Herald-Dispatch's Idol Chit-Chat blog covered the concert in Columbus. The reviewer wasn't blown away by any one performance, but if she had to pick, she'd give best-of-the-night honors to Adam Lambert's "Mad World", followed by Anoop Desai's "Always On My Mind" and the group performance of "Beggin'". She also said both Adam and Kris Allen were amazing but that she wishes Adam would have sung "some more recognizable, crowd-friendly songs" and that "after the spectacle of Adam, (Kris') set kind of lost something." The reviewer was disappointed in all three girls.

The Columbus Dispatch review is one of those blah-de-blah-blah reviews that had a few WTF lines - i.e. something about Adam's "10-minute medley of Bowie, Muse and Led Zeppelin songs" and "Already hindered by an intermission, enthusiasm had dampened by the time winner Kris Allen was set to perform." Did Kris suddenly get bumped to the beginning of Act 2? Don't get it.

Blake Lewis Tax Evader?

Rut-roh ... looks like Blake Lewis has Richard Hatch syndrome. The Tax Watchdog of the Detroit News discovered that Blake owes $124,798 in federal taxes.

The Detroit News wrote, "The IRS filed a $124,798 lien against Lewis on July 10 in the Los Angeles County Recorder of Deeds office. According to the lien, he owes income taxes from 2007 -- the year he appeared on 'American Idol.'

Blake's spokesperson said, "Everything has been resolved with the IRS." However, the paper notes that the LA County Recorder's office said today that a lien release that would indicate that Blake's debt had been paid off, has not been filed.

Not sure how Blake is going to pay that off now!

Kris Allen On Cover Of Front Porch Magazine

Kris Allen has a cover story in Arkansas' Front Porch Magazine. You can download a PDF of the magazine HERE or read the text of the article HERE.

Ignore the factual errors in the article. For example, Katy Allen is not 2 years Kris' senior. She's younger than him! Nor did 624 million votes come in from around the world (LOL WUT?!)

In the PDF, on page 24, there is another article with Kim Allen's recipes for two of Kris' favorite dishes - chicken spaghetti and dump cake. Dump cake sounds ... interesting. Check out the ingredients: white cake mix, crushed pineapples, strawberry pie filling, walnuts and butter. I assume it's called dump cake because you just dump the cake mix over the pie filling and pineapples without mixing it?

Video Of The Day - Sweep The Leg

Inspired by Kris Allen's latest tweet (a photo of Ralph Macchio with the caption Macchio or just macho?), the Video of the Day is the music video for No More Kings' "Sweep The Leg", starring, amongst others, Billy Zabka (Johnny) and Martin Kove (Sensei Kreese).

ETA: LMAO Ralph Macchio responded to Kris on Twitter (via, saying: "Don't know Kris, what do u think? -Macchio 4 "real" :) btw Congrats -RM"

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Idol News Roundup - 8/25/09

Lil Rounds is interviewed for Idolatry. Michael Slezak asks Lil if she's "totally gutsy or crazy or what?!" in regards to singing "Single Ladies".

The Seattle Times reviewed David Cook's Seattle concert Monday night. Idol blogger Bob Payne wrote, "Those who might be inclined to dismiss Cook because his career took off as a result of 'Idol' ought to give the man a fair chance. With more than 100 shows under his belt, he's steadily honing his rocker chops. Clearly his guitar playing has picked up speed since 'Idol' and his duels with lead guitarist Neal Tiemann were impressive."

Cook was interviewed recently by a little girl for Kids Corporation. She asked him about the rubber chicken from the last Pork Beans webisode and then asked if they met her at a "barrrrrrr ...n", which really cracked Cook up. LOL!

MTV News reported on Kris Allen's possible album release date, stating that they have not heard back after requests for confirmation from 19E and But the bigger news is that Jim Cantiello didn't write it! What the heck?!

The New York Post discusses "Freedom Day" for the Idols not already signed.

The Herald-Dispatch Idol blog has a glowing review of the Phil Stacey CD.

And the New York Post's Pop Wrap has a semi-review of Katharine McPhee's new single.

Megan Joy Charity Auction For Bethel Foundation

Megan Joy is supporting a charity auction for the Bethel Foundation, an organization that helps get single mothers back on their feet. Two tickets and two after-party meet-and-greet passes for the sold-out Sept. 2 Idol concert at Allstate Arena in Rosemont, IL are being auctioned off on eBay. All proceeds from the auction will go to the Bethel Foundation in honor of Megan.

To bid on the tickets, click here: Megan Joy Charity Auction. Bidding ends on Aug 28 at 5:53 pm PT.

Megan is also going to be involved in the Bethel Foundation's All American Idol fundraising event on Nov. 13 at the Coca Cola Bricktown Events Center in Oklahoma City. A limited number of Platinum VIP passes will be sold for fans who would like to sit in the front row and personally meet Megan. To purchase tickets and support the cause, visit the Bethel Foundation All American Idol website.

Danny Gokey's Foundation Awards Three Scholarships

Danny Gokey personally presented three high school seniors $1,000 scholarships today on behalf of his charity, Sophia's Heart Foundation.

Danny tweeted yesterday, "I'm very excited about 2morrow ~ SHF is giving away 3 scholarships to 3 kids who overcame tough situations. I'll update u with pics 2morrow." Sure enough, he tweeted the photo of the scholarship winners with himself backstage at the Idol tour.

Congrats to the kids and kudos to Danny for helping them achieve their goals. For more on Sophia's Heart Foundation, visit

Adam Lambert Supports

In lieu of 4-feet tall inflatable kangaroos, Adam Lambert would like his fans to redirect their gifting in a more useful way, towards his charity of choice,, which provides money to classrooms in need. posted a video on YouTube of Adam talking about the cause (and nearly ruined the video with its editing. Just let the man talk! The cuts are sooooooo unnecessary):

And not to be crass or anything (honestly), this fan contest thing where the fan group that donates the most money wins an exclusive online chat session with Adam ... it's a pretty savvy way to get people to donate more. Idol fans are nothing if not competitive, even amongst each other!

Whatever the reason, helping edumacation is a good thing! So go Adam and fans!

Neil Patrick Harris Guest Judging On Idol

I heard on Ryan Seacrest's morning show that Neil Patrick Harris is guest judging on American Idol today at the Dallas auditions. This was also confirmed by one of Seacrest's staffers, Negative Natalie, on Twitter. Joe Jonas was yesterday's guest judge.

NPH is no stranger to Idol. He has been in the audience in the past and even got a "Doogie" shoutout during the Nick Mitchell/Norman Gentle Group 2 performance of "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going". He is also a good singer in his own right, having performed on Broadway (Cabaret, Stephen Sondheim's Assassins). He also played Mark on Rent in LA and San Diego and starred in the internet musical "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog".

Here he is in a musical number at this year's Tony Awards:

Monday, August 24, 2009

Idol News Roundup - 8/24/09

Danny Gokey's second Idolatry with Michael Slezak was much, much more relaxed than his first. Danny revealed that he is indeed going country. He talked about that genre plus songwriting and overthinking on the show in the video.

I hesitate to post this because a) It's the Examiner and b) I've never seen such atrocious spelling and grammar in an "article" in my life. It's seriously embarrassing. However, it's also a Q&A with Anoop Desai, so I'll just link it if anyone wants to read.

The Dartmouth had a review on the Boston show. It seems to have been written by a very knowledgeable Idol fan, who referenced Kradam and the song Michael Sarver did for his first audition (even I had forgotten that one). All of the guys plus Allison Iraheta got good reviews. Here's a good line: "If (Danny) Gokey had given the concert the atmosphere of a religious revival, then it most definitely sounded like the Second Coming of Jesus during (Adam) Lambert’s 15 minutes. His fierce voice and his honed ability to connect with the crowd justified all the hype." Kris Allen got probably one of the bigger compliments here, considering all of the nasty the fan wars. The reviewer wrote, "The final performer was season eight’s winner Kris Allen, who garnered as much screaming and applause as Lambert had before him. He may prefer plaid shirts to Lambert’s guy-liner, but the boyishly handsome Allen got even the most die-hard Lambert fans to cheer for him after his four songs..."

Another late, albeit brief review, this time from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, which noted the strong camaraderie amongst the group.

Michael Johns talked about Paula Abdul and Kradison with Fox News' Pop Tarts. MJ said he thinks Paula will return to Idol. "She will be there, you watch," he said. "I think come December when it all comes out she will be there, they will rectify the situation." He also weighed in on the Idol finale voting, saying, "Kris Allen was definitely the rightful winner. Both he and Adam Lambert will have good careers, but I think Allison (Iraheta) will actually have the biggest career of all of them." Somehow this quote got the Glamberts in a tizzy, and Michael was apparently besieged by an angry mob because he posted the following on Twitter (I added periods. haha): "Stop all this Adam Lambert talk. I think he's a great talent. Stop taking what gets printed out of context. I've always said he was great. Adam is going to have a wonderful career. Sometimes articles print only some of what u say. It's just the nature of this biz." Michael doesn't really interact with fans on his Twitter, so for him to post that ... I can't imagine what kind of messages he was getting. Good lord, people. Get a grip!

Michael will be joining David Foster once again for a 10-city tour, David Foster & Friends. Also on the bill are Charice, Philip Bailey and Peter Cetera. Additional surprise guests "can be expected at each concert."

The Wyoming Tribune Eagle Online has a nice Q&A with David Cook that covers a wide variety of subjects, including how much he hated the group dances on Idol ("You could see the disdain on my face every Wednesday evening."), who he would love to collaborate with (Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen and Robert Plant), and if he got to choose who he wrote with on his album ("Yeah, for the most part, I was lucky I got off the show and the label RCA/19 Recordings got involved in that and I gave them a wish list. I was fortunate to get a lot of the people on my wish list").

More Cook in the Casper Journal, who asks what fans can expect at his shows. Cook said, "The best synopsis I’ve heard of my show so far is a lot of sweat, a lot of stink and a lot of fun. I think that’s pretty accurate. We try to come out and put as much energy into these songs and try to transplant that into the audience. We just want everyone to leave feeling like they got way too much for their money."

The Santa Rosa Press-Democrat's Idol Chatter blog continues to get more mileage out of its Cook interview. This blog item is about David's Scottish Terrier, ironically named Dublin.

Carrie Underwood clips coupons, she tells GAC. However, she always forgets to bring them with her to the store. LOL!

Ruben Studdard is going to appear in the movie Lifted with Trace Adkins. describes the movie as an "Alabama-based film about a 12-year-old singer (Uriah Shelton) whose family is disrupted when his Marine father is re-deployed to Afghanistan."

Katharine McPhee Single Now Available

Katharine McPhee's new single "Had It All" is now available on iTunes. You can listen to the full song on her MySpace if you want to decide before purchasing.

The song was written by David Hodges and the disastrous duo of Kara DioGuardi and Mitch Allan, who were both partly responsible for "No Boundaries".

Kat's new album Unbroken will be released on October 6.

And on a shallow note, BRING BACK THE BROWN HAIR, Kat!!!!! The Kimberly Caldwell/ Brigitte Nielsen/ Gwen Stefani hybrid look is not an upgrade, and if it's meant to reflect her music, well, it doesn't.

Paula Abdul To Host VH1 Divas

Paula Abdul announced on Twitter that she will be hosting VH1 Divas on Sept. 17. The show will be televised live.

In addition, Jordin Sparks has been added to the bill. She will be joining Kelly Clarkson, Adele, Leona Lewis and that pole dancer.

Idol Tour Reviews - Cleveland

The Cleveland Plain Dealer has a variety of goodies in its review of Sunday night's show. Not only is there a fair review, but there are video interviews of Adam Lambert, Allison Iraheta and Anoop Desai embedded in the story. Make sure to check it out. The interviews are interesting.

As far as the review goes, Adam was called the "total package" who "delivered the most adventurous set". The reviewer gave credit to Kris Allen for "putting forth a noble effort" while "many well-established acts would have been hard-pressed to follow Lambert. He also said, "there was no denying Allen's impressive set of pipes, although he could have used a few star-power pointers from Lambert." Fair enough. About Danny Gokey, he wrote that if the music thing didn't work out, Danny would make a fine motivational speaker.

For the others, "Michael Sarver got the crowd's blood pumping with Ne-Yo's 'Closer,' Megan Joy revealed a knack for neo-soul via songs by Corinne Bailey Rae and Amy Winehouse and spirited piano men Scott MacIntyre and Matt Giraud teamed up for a fun stab at Billy Joel's 'Tell Her About It.'" Lil Rounds and Allison Iraheta "poured their hearts into 'Single Ladies' and 'Cry Baby,' respectively, even if they didn't exactly upstage Beyonce or Janis Joplin. Anoop Desai "covered more ground in a shorter period of time" than anyone else, going from Willie Nelson to Bobby Brown (although hi ... Mad came out a good 20 years after "My Prerogrative" so that was a weird analogy).

To summarize, the reviewer said, "Voice for rafter-rattling voice, this may be the most talented 'Idol' crop yet."

Simon Calls X-Factor Audition Best Ever

Britain's X-Factor just started up this week, and Simon Cowell may have already found his next Susan Boyle, except this guy isn't an old schoolmarm/cat woman. Twenty-seven year-old teacher Danyl Johnson's first audition created a bit of a frenzy in the studio audience and with the judging panel, who gave him a standing ovation after he sang "With A Little Help From My Friends."

Simon gave Danyl HUGE praise, saying, "Danyl, I've been doing this for - how many years? - eight, nine years. Danyl, that was single-handedly the best first audition I have ever heard."

It was really good, yes, but I also think it was certainly aided by not only a backing track with full instrumentation but also a really enthusiastic live audience. You just don't get that on American Idol. Leona Lewis didn't have that either when she auditioned for X Factor in 2006. Paul Potts and Susan Boyle did on Britain's Got Talent. Was it better than theirs? I dunno. It's different. But I did really enjoy Danyl. He owned it with the stage presence and definitely knew how to work the crowd. I liked how he played with the microphone to the beat of the song. Maybe a little cheesy, but cute.

So that has me thinking - who had the best American Idol first audition ever? Amongst the winners, I'd probably go with Carrie Underwood. David Cook sounded good, but the hair and outfit were hot messes.

Michael Slezak compiled a Top 12 list on Entertainment Weekly. I don't know when this list was done. I was going to guess before Season 6 because I didn't see Melinda Doolittle on here (WHAT, Slezak?!), but Brandon Rogers is, so it must be before Season 7? It's dated Jan. 2009, though. Anyway, here's the list:
1. Paris Bennett (oooh good choice)
2. Frenchie Davis
3. Justin Guarini
4. Carrie Underwood
5. Brandon Rogers
6. Taylor Hicks
7. Fantasia Barrino
8. Kimberley Locke
9. Lindsay Cardinale
10. Amy Adams
11. Kelly Clarkson
12. Sundance Head/Chris Sligh

What do you all think? Who should be added, esp. from Seasons 7 and 8? If you have suggestions that may jog my memory, I might do my own list. I'd love to include people who didn't make Top 12 who were really good too! I just can't remember some of them off-hand ... which might not make their first audition memorable. haha

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Idol News Roundup - 8/23/09

Matt Giraud's Idolatry discusses his well-received set, specifically "Hard To Handle", which he had never played before. He also talks about the type of music he wants to do (more along the lines of Gavin DeGraw and James Morrison), rolls his eyes at the Timberlake label, and says he is over the disappointment of having his and Scott's number cut from the finale. It sounds like the producers told Matt they'd have him perform on the show next season to promote his album or single. THEY BETTER! He has been writing songs at hotel pianos and revealed the name of one song he has written, called "Weight of the World", which he says is about "not knowing where you're going but being okay with that."

The Adam Lambert dildo on stage story is circulating to mainstream media. Metro News in Canada has a piece on it.

David Cook's Sacramento concert was reviewed by the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat. There is some good constructive criticism there, but it's mostly positive. And another post has a photo gallery.

The Palm Beach Post discusses the possibility of being an Idol judge with Jody Watley. She joked with friends about Adam Lambert always having the best lighting, to which the interviewer quipped, "While Kris Allen, who won, was practically singing under a lightbulb sitting on an apple crate every week." Jody goes on to give future Idols some very sound advice, saying, "Number one, they have to recognize that it’s a platform. When I was on Soul Train, I knew I always wanted to be a singer, so I conducted myself professionally. I wasn’t one of the dancers who was causing trouble. I was working on making myself better, thinking 'What can I do to stand out?' In that situation, on Idol, it’s so huge, such an opportunity. Once you get it, you can get a little bit of exposure, pull up your sleeves and work it. Don’t wait for the machine to work it for you."

Idol Tour Reviews - Pittsburgh

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette gives one of the nicest reviews I've seen from the Idol tour in awhile. Not only do Kris Allen and Adam Lambert get reviewed positively by Scott Mervis without unfair comparisons to each other, but guitarist Tim Stewart also gets props. :)

Mervis also gives constructive criticism for the others and does so without being unnecessarily cruel, so props to him for that.

Here's what he said about Kris and Adam:

Last night at the Mellon Arena, one thing was clearly reinforced in front of the near sold-out crowd: Adam Lambert is star material.

If Elvis Presley and Edward Scissorhands could somehow have a child, it would look somewhat like this Idol runner-up who has already graced the cover of Rolling Stone and will have to come up with some absolutely abysmal songs to not top the charts when his album drops.

Lambert came out ninth in a swirl of fog to the power chords of "Whole Lotta Love," dressed like a leather-clad villain in "Terrordome." Then he backed up the glam-rock swagger with a beautifully supple voice that can hit the notes and take them to the next level.

Along with the Led Zep tune and a Bowie medley -- who ever would expect "Life on Mars" in such a mainstream show? -- Lambert did a dreamy version of Muse's "Starlight" and then sang Tears for Fears' "Mad World" like an angel. Although the crowd had its share of screaming little girls, it didn't stop Lambert from going NC-17 during "Whole Lotta Love" by putting the mike stand between his legs and doing a long slow stroke to freak out their moms.

How did winner Kris Allen follow that?

Just by being himself, which is a rock-solid Matchbox Twenty-style frontman in flannel shirt and jeans. What Allen lacked in flamboyance he made up for in the truer emotion he packed into his vocals with his fresh take on Kanye West's "Heartless" and the Killers' "All These Things That I've Done," recently subbed for the coronation song "No Boundaries." He also went from piano man on "Ain't No Sunshine" to lead guitarist at the end of "Bright Lights"

If Lambert and Allen get the right songs for their debut albums, they could be the best 1-2 tandem in Idol's history. Too bad we didn't get a sneak peek of that in last night's karaoke fest.

The Beaver County Times gave Megan Joy a nice review (yay Megan), saying she "was the first pleasant surprise of the night" and that she had "much-improved pipes". Matt Giraud was the other surprise, although the reviewer issued the Justin Timberlake comparison that Matt scoffs at. But at least it was a compliment! Allison Iraheta was said to have "headlining ability." Danny Gokey "exhibited a touching charm he rarely displayed on TV’s top-rated show." Adam was called a "powerhouse" during "Whole Lotta Love" and a "tender vocal athlete" during "Mad World". He also "lost his shirt and numerous scruples" during the Bowie Medley. LMAO. Kris' "relate-ability" was his key, and he "illuminated his musical talents" with "Heartless".

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review's review was a bit brief, offering little opinion outside of Adam seeming to earn the most applause but noting the camaraderie amongst the group.

David Cook Names Band

David Cook's band may now have a name - The Anthemic. Radio DJ D. Ferreira from K-HOP 95.1 interviewed David, who gave him the scoop on the band's name. You can watch the video here. He said it's the name they're thinking of, so this isn't totally official yet, but I think he wouldn't have said it if that wasn't likely going to happen.

So there you have it - David Cook and The Anthemic.

And if you ask me, it's perfect. Cook has always been big on anthems and wanting his music to be anthemic. I remember him talking about this on the Tonight Show when he performed there last year. And then there's his song "A Daily AntheM".

So congrats to David Cook, Neal Tiemann, Andy Skib, Kyle Peek and Monty Anderson.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kris Allen Says Single Coming "Pretty Soon"

In an interview with Pittsburgh's WPXI this afternoon, Kris Allen said his single is coming out "pretty soon" and says that "everything is looking good".

If is to be believed, Kris' album is going to be released on Nov. 17, the week before Black Friday. Also scheduled to be released that week are albums by John Mayer and Avril Lavigne.

Kris also talked sports with WPXI, fessing up that he was a Green Bay Packers fan but was happy for the Steelers winning the Super Bowl. When asked about Brett Favre, however, Kris clammed up and refused comment. LOL. Methinks he's over Favre and his constant retirements and comebacks.

He also talked about the fans and how appreciative they all are of them. He mentioned that the fans give them gifts and that he freaked out over one particular gift he was given - a vinyl of the Beatles' Revolver.

You can watch the interview at the station's website.

Also interviewed by WPXI were Danny Gokey, Matt Giraud and Lil Rounds.

Recaps of all four interviews can be found here, with bonus Adam Lambert mention.

Idol News Roundup - 8/21-22

The last part of the LA Times' Kris Allen Ultimate Interview is up. Kris talked about the songwriting process for his album. Keep in mind that this interview took place in June: "The first session I had went well, but the song didn’t end up as something I wanted to do on the album. I was intimidated, so I didn’t put my two cents in as much as I should have, and then the next one went really well and I got more comfortable. Same thing with the song though. Closer to what I wanted, but not completely there. And then I was with somebody yesterday and it was weird, but it went really well and I think it’s getting there. I really do. I’m excited."

He also talked a little bit about the relief efforts he took part in and how it affected him as a person. I wish Fred Bronson had delved into this topic a little bit more, but hopefully it will spur another interview focusing more on this in the future. Like if they do Idol Gives Back. Kris said, "I would like to do more stuff like that and the opportunity is bigger now to help people, to go to different places where people are having a hard time. I went to Thailand after the tsunami and helped with that and it’s nice to get to know people from different countries, because they’re different but they’re also the same. And the coolest thing that I learned from all those trips is that I’ve been to a lot of places where people don’t have much and they’re so happy to see you and they are always wearing a smile. They’ll make their best food for you and put you in their best places, which isn’t great by our standards but is amazing by theirs. So it’s nice to know that as much as we think we go through as Americans, there are other people around the world that go through way more and are living a better life. So doing that, I’ve learned about being a real person."

Kris was also interviewed by The Idols have talked about having reunions every year. Awww! A video version of this interview is also available as a link on that page with Danny Gokey and Scott MacIntyre bonus interviews at the end.

Matt Giraud talked to E! Online about some of his tour mishaps (going onstage without the mic, performing with his fly open, his mic stand coming apart) and about a record contract. On the latter, he said, "I'm in talks right now with 19 and other companies. It's just a waiting game to see what happens. I'm just trying to stick to what I do, which is write and keep booking shows. I hope something comes up for a record deal. But if I have to, I'll record myself. I want to make about five good songs to get out there to present to the labels of how I want to be as an artist."

In Megan Joy's new Idolatry, I got sad about how much the tour producers have her on a leash. They are making her dress in that super-tight pink dress with those crazy high heels, and she wanted to sing any Amy Whinehouse song but the one they are having her do. She's getting so screwed over. It's sad. She also talks about some possible projects and future plans, as well as how she defines success for herself ("doing what I love every day and raising my son myself and being able to take care of him completely on my own").

Allison Iraheta, Michael Sarver, Scott MacIntyre and Anoop Desai talked to the Morning Call prior to Thursday's concert about their future musical prospects. Allison has already shot the cover of her album and says the CD is halfway done. She is recording from the road, saying "They find a place and then I go to and patch in some vocals and record it." She has also done some songwriting for the CD. Sarver says he will definitely have an album out by next year and that "there's a lot of things that have come ot the table that I'm going to be capitalizing on." Scott says his album is halfway done and that he's also received offers and interest "on the music publishing side" from "several major publishers." Anoop is "in contact with a lot of people" and is going to pursue things when he moves to LA.

Fox Philadelphia talked to some of the Idols before the Philadelphia show. The news anchor talked about discussing the traffic reporter's crush on Danny Gokey, and Allison told her to drop it. "You don't want Danny. You don't know what you're getting yourself into," she joked.

Danny is mentioned in this article in Newsday about Taylor Swift and country crossover artists. He said, "I like the message - that's what is very important to me. I can't see myself making 'booty' songs or dancey songs, that's just not me. I'm basically a person who wants to talk about what I talk about, and it's one of the last genres you can do that in."

The David Cook article in the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat was in the print edition only, so Idol blogger Bill Pinella put the article online on his Idol Chatter blog.

Daughtry concert review from the San Francisco Chronicle. At least it was not as bad and vitriolic as Jim Harrington's review in the San Jose Mercury News. But I'm not surprised by that, coming from him.

Bo Bice weighs in on the Paula Abdul departure, telling the Birmingham Star that it would be like taking Joey out of Friends.

A little bit of a blast from the past - a story in the Tyler Morning Telegraph on Season 7's Jason Yeager (you might remember him from earlier in the season when he did some video blogs reviewing Idol. He said Kris Allen had no business being in the Top 12. Haha. I bet his head exploded when Kris won. And Jason also made fun of people's song choices. Because Moon River was a good idea?).

Video Of The Day - Paparazzi Attack

A little bit of old-ish news, but I missed this somehow, On Tuesday in Croatia, Beyonce and Jay-Z were being followed by paparazzi as they walked towards their boat at night. Their security guy Julius tried to impede their photo/video taking, and later, as they got on the boat, one videographer threw his big tripod at his back. Julius nearly threw it right back at him but with Jay-Z trying to stop him from doing so, he instead opted to toss it into the sea. The crowd gathering nearby cheered. LOL. As the boat left the dock, he flipped the paparazzi guy off, which prompted him to hurl something else at him. That dude should have been arrested for assault. He didn't just toss stuff at the bodyguard, he threw that last thing like he was throwing a 98 mph fastball.

Rolling Stone Idol Tour Pictorial

Rolling Stone put up a nice photo gallery of Kris Allen and Adam Lambert behind the scenes during their Good Morning America appearance and the Idol tour stop in Atlantic City.

The latest issue of the magazine, with the Beatles on the cover, also has an article on Adam and Kris. You can view the scans at ONTD_AI. Classic Adam quote: "When I'm getting nasty with the microphone stand, it doesn't matter if I'm gay or straight - it's just sexy and fun." Kris says about his performances, "I'm putting a lot of pressure on myself to make this good. America is the most ADD country in the world - who knows if people will still like me next year? All the Idols feel like we have to prove that we belong in the music industry, that we're not just the product of some TV show."

Idol Tour Reviews - Boston/Albany

Since Boston's reviews sucked and did not match up with most of what I read from fans on Twitter and other places, I'm way late on posting these. But honestly ... I don't care anymore. Good or bad reviews, I'm really over it. I'm just going to take the Kris Allen stance, as he so perfectly put it in his Idolatry video from Albany - "blah de blah blah blah."

So here are, just for posterity, reviews from the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald, both of whom seemed to think only one of the 10 Idols should ever grace the stage again ever. I'm sure you can figure out which one that is. The Boston Globe writer shared a few more thoughts later on the blog.

Bostonist had a photographer at the concert, so this link has photos, along with some pre-concert press tidbits from Anoop Desai, Allison Iraheta and Michael Sarver.

ETA: And of course the best review from Boston came a few days later, from The Dartmouth, Dartmouth's school newspaper, which gave good reviews to all of the guys, along with Allison. Here's a good line: "If (Danny) Gokey had given the concert the atmosphere of a religious revival, then it most definitely sounded like the Second Coming of Jesus during (Adam) Lambert’s 15 minutes. His fierce voice and his honed ability to connect with the crowd justified all the hype." Kris Allen got probably one of the bigger compliments here, considering all of the nasty the fan wars. The reviewer wrote, "The final performer was season eight’s winner Kris Allen, who garnered as much screaming and applause as Lambert had before him. He may prefer plaid shirts to Lambert’s guy-liner, but the boyishly handsome Allen got even the most die-hard Lambert fans to cheer for him after his four songs..."

Albany only had one review, from the Times Union. The writer pointed out the following as highlights: Anoop Desai's sultry "You're Always on My Mind"; Matt Giraud's incredible jamming on the piano halfway through "Hard to Handle"; Kris Allen on "Heartless"; Everything by Adam Lambert.