Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sunrise Idol Interviews

The Palm Beach Post has some early pre-show interviews with Danny Gokey, Matt Giraud and Scott MacIntyre. They are promising more later after the show, including interviews with Kris Allen, Lil Rounds and Megan Joy (6 people available today? That's different).

Megan and Lil talked a little about their kids. Megan said she's looking into modeling and acting. She also said that she "never expected people to understand where I’m coming from. I would have loved to have done some slower songs on the show that were (better) for my voice. That would have been nice to show everybody." Lil was asked about the judges contradicting themselves, saying they wanted one thing from her and then criticizing her the next week for doing it. She said, "They would say 'We didn’t what was going on with you,' and contradict themselves quite a bit. They would switch it up on me. But in my heart, I knew I had to realize that I was doing my best…I have had fans come up and say 'I did not agree with the judges AT ALL.' They kept telling me I wasn’t being true to myself, when I thought I was always giving it that R&B (vibe). I think they wanted me to be more pop. (In the end), you can never lose sight of who you are."

Someone please get Danny some PR help. This little comment he made here is bound to generate some interesting responses:

Q: You obviously shared some personal things about yourself on the show (Danny’s wife died not long before his audition), things that some writers and bloggers felt free to expound on, because they were out there and they could interpret them any way they wanted. Did that…

A: Did that bother me? It bothered me big time. People who tend to be like that don’t go anywhere in life, because they’re not happy and they want to get someone else, to make someone else unhappy. I can’t focus on that.

Huh. I'm actually a generally happy person with a good life. But thanks for setting me straight, Danny, and cluing me in on what a shitty life I have because I had an opinion about someone who willingly went on a reality tv competition and willingly put his backstory out there to be discussed. I think I should just go cut myself now.

The writer seemed to come into the interview thinking Danny was arrogant (I'm not sure where that came from, though. I never got that perception. Clueless maybe, but not arrogant), but after she talked to him, she said he "seemed pretty nice" and was "fairly down to earth and humble".

In Scott and Matt's interview, the writer noted that Scott "is now sporting facial hair and is shockingly Abercrombie-ish. He could totally play The Hot Sight Impaired New Teacher on a very special episode of '90210: You Girls Should Eat A Cheeseburger.')" and that Matt "reminds me of my younger boy cousins, who say inappropriate things because they know it gets a laugh". Matt seems to have David Archuleta syndrome - singing a lot while talking. That's really cute. In a three-minute interview, he sang a little bit of Britney Spears' "Slave 4 U" and the "Human Nature" ad lib at the bridge. Too bad there's no video. He'd probably get fined for that, though. Matt also said that one of the best things about touring for him is "when the crowd goes wild when I do 'Hard To Handle.' I never thought I would get that reaction from a crowd. I used to work at a piano bar and nobody was even listening, because they were all wasted. 'Hello? I’m singing over here! I killed that song!'

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