Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ryan Star At SLS Hotel

I was one of the lucky Tweeters to win tickets to see Ryan Star in a special show at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills on Tuesday. Although Ryan has been touring around the country all year with David Cook, their idea of "around the country" did not include the West Coast. So I never got to see those two together, and Tuesday was the first time I had seen Ryan perform in three years, I think.

And he's as awesome as ever. Accompanying himself on acoustic guitar in the Garden Terrace of the hotel, he sang "Brand New Day", "Right Now", "Last Train Home", "11:59", "Somebody's Son" and "Breathe". Three concerts over three years, and still no "Losing Your Memory" for me yet. Sigh. Oh! I forgot to mention that at the end of "Somebody's Son", he added a few lines of "Barbie Girl", sung acoustic rock style. Bwahaha. That was great.

Ryan's got a bunch of shows coming up. Check him out if you can. He puts on a great show, even if it's just six songs. And he has an EP out on iTunes now in advance of his upcoming album, 11:59.

Here's 11:59 (which has been my favorite Ryan Star tune since I first heard it a few days after he wrote it three years ago):

And Right Now:

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