Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Idol Tour Reviews - Tampa

It was a wild night in Tampa at the Idol concert, where fans threw whips, handcuffs, flowers and lord knows what else during the last three sets, but none of that was mentioned in any of the newspaper reviews.

But I'm not exactly sure that the reviewers were really paying too much attention to the show because the Tampa Bay Tribune writer said that Kris Allen sang "No Boundaries", and the writer from the St. Petersburg Times basically just tried to be snarky/witty and didn't really offer up many opinions on their actual performances.

The St. Petersburg "review" did get in a good description of Megan Joy's rat-nest hair (poor Megan needs to have a few words with the hairstylists), calling it a "frizzy blond tuft of Brillo on her melon. Think Phyllis Diller meets Willie Aames (Eight is Enough years)", but I didn't really get some of the other lines. Like what does this mean? "Clairvoyant guess: Adam Lambert loathes stools, dry ice and Mad World."

The Tampa Bay Trib was more coherent but half of it read more as a "this is what they sang" review. He did note that Adam "electrified screaming fans" and that Kris Allen "got his share of ear-splitting screams and howls - as did the other finalists when they took the stage." He also said that Kris was "impressive" on "Bright Lights"; that Allison Iraheta "soared" on "Cry Baby", was "scorching" on "Barracuda" and that "Slow Ride" made you want more from her and Adam; and that Danny Gokey "poured his heart and soul into songs that wowed his fans."

And if you're looking for the most fan-girly review ever (and that includes some of the fan-girl reviews I've read at fansites), look no further than Creative Loafing, which really is a real newspaper. The title of the review is "I just breathed the same air as Adam Lambert, an American Idol concert review", so that kind of tells you what you need to know. It's amusing at times (like her description of Danny Gokey coming before Adam: "Putting that guy before Adam Lambert is like giving me a deli tray and then telling me that there is a filet mignon encrusted in diamonds and surrounded by rainbows on the way. Nobody gives a crap about the deli tray, you know what I mean?"), but I really dislike what she said about Megan Joy, being proud of starting a rumor that she's "sporting a baby bump". Yeah, really skinny women like to hear that they've got a pooch. Ugh. And about Kris, she said "that Kris Allen kid sang some songs, he wore plaid and he played an acoustic guitar and he shouldn’t have won, whatever, I’m over it." Yeah. Sure you are.

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