Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Idol Tour Reviews - Sunrise

The Palm Beach Post has one of my favorite reviews of the tour so far. The writer, Leslie Gray Streeter, disputes the notion that this is the Adam Lambert and nine others tour. Or, as she amusingly called it, "Adam and the Pussycats. Adam Jackson and the Jackson Nine." LOL. Streeter says, "Theater vet, certified rock screamer and sensitive songsmith Lambert created a electrified, leather-bound, sexually-charged chemistry that none of the other Idols could match. The thing is, that doesn’t make the others, particularly impressive, smokey-voiced rock pixie Allison Iraheta, acoustic, chill Kris Allen and surprisingly satisfying former piano bar employee Matt Giraud, bad. They’re just different performers."

THANK YOU. Word. Word. And word.

More about Kris: "Starting with his winningly creative 'Heartless,' he impressed not only with a better-than-the-original 'Bright Lights' but a chant-worthy, arm-waving take on The Killers’ 'All These Things That I’ve Done' that amped the energy of the crowd to as close as Kris Allen comes to a frenzy. This is a not a frenzied man. He’s chill. He’s relaxed. He’s not in a hurry, because he’s having too good a time, and he’s hoping you do, too."

And about Allison and Matt: "Besides the finalists, the two standouts were 17-year-old Iraheta, whose command of her voice, a by-now overdone cover (Heart’s 'Barracuda') and an audience continues to make me want to verify her birth certificate, and Giraud, who unfortunately became dismissed during the season as a Justin Timberlake wanna-be. Fie. Not true. He’d already proved he’s a competent piano man, so his 'Georgia' was no surprise. But when he delivered a flawless “Hard To Handle” with effortless flights of phrasing and a crazy, Billy Joel-at-a-rave keys pounding session, it was a revelation. Somebody put this kid on a supporting tour as a solo act, now."

I was almost bracing myself for the Miami Herald review, knowing that Idol writer Howard Cohen had a massive hate-on for Kris for most of the season (he hated "Falling Slowly" and "She Works Hard For The Money" for crying out loud), but I was pleasantly surprised with his review. Cohen's favorite on Idol was Adam, the "undisputed star" who gave a "stellar" performance. Cohen was not pleased when Adam lost in the finale. However, he was still able to review the concert without letting his feelings about that cloud his judgment, saying that "in his warm fuzzy and still ambitious way, Kris was likable and helped make this a night of slick musical entertainment you could leave feeling good about."

Cohen had a mostly favorable impression about the whole show, calling it "the best and most entertaining Idol tour to date" due to its lack of train wrecks. "Everyone, from the lower rung who performed in the night's first half, to the top finalists, upped their game and performed with confidence." He said Michael Sarver was "in decent voice"; Megan Joy was "close to tolerable"; Scott MacIntyre "sang better live Wednesday than he ever did during the competition"; Lil Rounds "sounded more in tune than we'd heard from her before" on her first two songs; Anoop Desai "can sing ballads, like his opening Always on My Mind, as well as anyone"; Matt Giraud was like a young Billy Joel and "the night's biggest surprise"; Allison Iraheta was "fantastic" and "sounds like she's smoked a carton of cigarettes while on an all-night bender singing Joplin records and The Rose soundtrack"; and Danny Gokey "sang them well enough, moved with more agility than he displayed on TV".

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