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Idol News Roundup - 7/30/09

The Morning Call talks to David Cook about his current tour. It's a really good read because Cook is so level-headed with such a good perspective on things.

About a follow-up CD, he says he has no plans for it yet but plans to get really immersed in it after this tour cycle. "With this band, the first tour, I think we really wanted to really solidify ourselves on the road and be a band," he said. "I'm always trying to think a little bit ahead, but not so much so I'm not enjoying the present."

About not performing "Time Of My Life" anymore, he says, "Well, you know, I've never been big a big proponent of looking back too much. And 'Time of My Life,' it's a great song, and obviously it meant amazing things for me. It was a nice time between the end of 'Idol' and when the record came out. But it's just not me, and I want to come and represent myself and this band accurately to an audience in hopes that I stick around for a while."

On Kris Allen and Adam Lambert: "I think both of them are just great guys. I mean, obviously words apart stylistically, but I think they're both good representatives for the show. I love Kris for what he represents -- Kris is just a dude, man, he wants to play music, and at the core, I think that's what 'Idol' is about, in my opinion. But then you look at Adam and I love that Adam pushes the envelope, 'cause I think that opens more doors for somebody in the future to come down and maybe open a few more doors. I think that's always the right way to go. I love how they complement each other."

Cook says he isn't concerned with being identified with Idol. "I think it came from where it came from and I have a great relationship with everybody on 'Idol.' People seem to have a tendency to put things in boxes and put titles and labels on everything. It's just exhausting to try and keep up. So for me, if they want to call me David Cook, if they want to call me 'American Idol David Cook,' if they want to call me 'That jerk David Cook,' I mean, I guess as long as they're talking about me, I'm alright."

Newsday conducted a Q&A with Jordin Sparks, who said that if she could choose one song from her album for someone to listen to, it would be "Faith", which she co-wrote. She sold me. Her description of how the song came about made me get teary: "We wrote that four days before the [presidential] inauguration, and it was one of those things. And we were thinking about everything going on in the world and our economy and how there's a sense of hopelessness around for a lot of people. And I was thinking about one of my best friends who passed away two years ago - thinking, [what] if I was the person to tell her, 'It's going to be OK,' and keep her head up, and that she's got people that love her - if she would still be here?"

Lil Rounds talked to Memphis paper Tri-State Defender prior to her hometown show and said, "I am so happy to be home in Memphis. Every city I have been hitting has been giving me rave reviews, so I definitely cannot wait to go out here for Memphis."

Megan Joy chats with Lyndsey Parker from Yahoo Music's Reality Rocks, telling her she wants to make a few different types of albums - alternative jazz, children's music, hip-hop and some bluegrass. Interesting. I can see the alternative jazz, the children's music, and the bluegrass, but hip-hop?! Perhaps after Jamie Foxx calls Kris Allen, he can dial up Megan too?

Top 36 semifinalist Ju'Not Joyner did an online chat with AI Now yesterday and claimed that American Idol is fixed. He said, "The producers know who they want and they slant it to reflect that. They fix it in a way that makes you surprised but it's still manipulated."

GET OUT! I HAD NO IDEA. You mean the producers play favorites and give people they want to do well pimp spots and have the judges use their comments to guide the audience to vote the way they want? WHAT?! LOL duh.

One thing that Ju'Not said that I did not agree with was, "Think about it...ADAM, ADAM, ADAM then...Kris....SURPRISE SMITHCHES!!!!" There is no way in hell that the producers rigged it for Kris to win. This is the guy who performed in the death spot almost every week (my phone bill is very familiar with the number 1-866-IDOLS02) and had 10 seconds of airtime prior to the semifinals. And he was up against two guys who were told they'd be in the finale during the first week of live shows. If anything, Kris winning proves that the show isn't rigged. No one saw him coming, least of all the producers.

Anyway, Ju'Not also said that he was basically cut loose because they viewed him as a trouble-maker for questioning the contracts they were making the contestants sign. He said, "We all had one lawyer and a few hours to go over the details of about 6 or 7 contracts, that we didn't even get a copy of...and we didn't get an opportunity to send to an outside attorney...and if we didn't sign, we couldn't be on the show...So, naturally I wanted to know what I was signing, and I asked good questions (my fiancee is an attorney). I guess that makes me a 'troublemaker' which is complete BS and has nothing to do with my talent."

On the Idol judges watch front, E! Online reports that Kara DioGuardi is returning next season (and will not be paid nearly as well as the other judges), and Paula Abdul confirmed on Twitter that she is "trying to work out details of how I can return to Idol. Your support & encouragement means so much to me. I hope you understand I can only return to Idol if the deal is fair. Whatever happens with Idol, I love you guys and am so happy we have this way to stay in touch."

Fox29 in West Palm Beach has a video interview with Kris, Matt Giraud and Danny Gokey. Kris tells the story of asking Brian May for an autograph at the finale. Brian May signed his name and just wrote "Kill". So Kris said, "Okay. I will kill. For Brian May." Matt does a little Simon Cowell impression and talks about the save. Danny says that being on Idol was therapeutic after his wife's death and "really brought feeling healing to me." (thanks for the correction! That makes more sense.)

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On the Fox29 interview, Danny didn't say "really brought feeling to me". He said "really brought healing to me."