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Idol News Roundup - 7/29/09

The Arkansas Leader talks to hometown boy Kris Allen before the Little Rock show.

Kris talked with Rodney Ho from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The funniest part of the whole thing is the accompanying photo of Kris with Allison Iraheta making the most hilarious face in the background (see left). In the interview, Kris was asked if it's intimidating to follow Adam in the concert, and he replied, "It’s not intimidating. Like on the show, we’re completely different artists." He was also asked why he was "holding out on us" on the show by not utilizing his lower register as he does on "All These Things That I've Done", and he said, "I don’t know! I mean, 'American Idol,' you have to be singing as high as you (can). That’s how the show goes." And when asked if being the dark horse helped him, he said, "Yah. America is so ADD. They push one thing, then they get tired of it. I’m not saying that happened. [It's clear he added that disclaimer so we wouldn't immediately think, 'Danny!' even if we did...] For me, that’s kind of the way I roll anyways. I’m pretty low key. If you like me, you do, if you don’t, that’s fine. I hope people like me. I’m not trying to please everyone. It wasn’t about me trying to be showy. Really. I didn’t pick my self to win. I didn’t even pick myself to be in the top 12!"

A Kris/No Boundaries mention at the end of this piece on "Bests" from the Arkansas Times.
Video interview with Kris in Tulsa by NewsOK. Kris says he's really happy with his set (I'll bet!) and that he hopes Paula stays on Idol.

The Victoria Advocate talked to Anoop Desai in Los Angeles. Like others before, he noted that touring is much less stressful than performing on the show. He also talks about the fans, saying, "It's always going to be gratifying anytime a large group of people cares about what you're doing. I'm lucky that I have very dedicated fans. It's been great." When asked what kinds of gifts fans give them, Anoops says, "A lot of people bring us survival stuff: Tide pens, Purel and stuff like that. A lot of people will draw pictures of us, photo collages ... Things we would appreciate." (LOL I wonder how much they really appreciate drawn pictures)

Adam Lambert talked to the Tampa Tribune prior to last night's show and offered up this description of his upcoming album: "It will be a diverse collection of pop, rock, jazz, blues, ballads and everything." That makes me a little nervous. Too all over the place and not cohesive. Adam also said that he doesn't want to go the Broadway route right now. "Now I want to be me. I don't want to play a character. I want to see where the music takes me."

Ryan Tedder responds to the "Already Gone"/"Halo" controversy, saying in a statement:

"Already Gone" is one of the best songs I've written or produced since "Bleeding Love" and stands tall on its own merits apart from "Halo."

They are two entirely different songs conceptually, melodically, & lyrically and I would never try to dupe an artist such as Kelly Clarkson or Beyoncé into recording over the same musical track, the idea is both hurtful & absurd.

I think when people hear "Already Gone" they will hear what I hear - one of the greatest female vocalists on earth giving her most haunting and heart-breaking performance on a song she helped write.

I challenge people to listen and form their own opinions.

I listened. And my opinion is still that you're a hack who recycles all the freaking time. Every song you wrote on Kelly's album sounds like something else you wrote.

Nigel Lythgoe tells Newsday that Idol should keep Paula Abdul, saying, "I would hopefully believe they will continue negotiations and secure her talent. I think she’s an important part of the historic chemistry that is Simon, Paula and Randy, and it’s a wonderful chemistry ..."

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